Re: Episode Review and General Comments (Stolen Cell Phone)

Christopher has been poorly used this season and underused as well.

We could and should be witnessing how Chris deals with the guilt of sending his fiance to the grave. Of how he embraces the life that he gave up the one he loved for. Instead we are seeing Chris as a comic character.

Not that it isn't funny ("It's Saw meet Godfather Part 2"). But come on, the movie storyline has been done before and it wasn't all that interesting the first time. It also seems that Chris' renewed interest in the movi biz may be connected to the guilt he feels over Ade, who pushed him into going into the movies. It also feels that the number of times the he brings up Ade ("You owe me for Ade") when he talks to Tony, it seems that Chris feels anger and possibly some regret at his decision.

I find it hard to believe that Tony is allowing Chris to entertain these notions after the discuss they had the first time it came up.

I'd like to see more of the issues with Chris resolved. Clearly Vito is getting too much air time and his storyline is being played out way too much.


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