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Since my post earlier in this thread, I've watched the ep fully an additional two times and certain scenes another 3-4 times. I like it even better than I did on first viewing, and that was considerable.

On the criticism that nothing much happened, I'd urge that we got two tremendously important developments:

(1) Tony confronting AJ in full, brutal candor about how his (Tony's) example and way of life is "wrong"; that he's GLAD AJ isn't cut out for it, glad that, unlike Tony, he has a fundamentally good nature that keeps him from being able to succeed as a killer;

(2) Tony summoning the conscience to stop an act of infidelity as it was just being ignited and about to be consummated. As I thought about the portent of it on subsequent viewings, it's probably all the more impressive that he did stop it in progress rather than simply resist the temptation initially. The force of the "brakes", the willpower, he had to apply to alter the sexual inertia of that encounter far exceeds the willpower he would have to apply to simply squelch a whim or a thought or a temptation to "hit on" a woman.

I agree with the poster who compared this act (somewhere on the forum) to the one last season with Ade. Melfi called that one a "milestone" under the assumption that it played out more like this one. If her assessment of such behavior is correct, then this was an actual milestone.

Two such momentous developments as these seem more than enough to constitute "something" happening.


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I do think the season has been different. It's as though each character is moving through their 'alternate' life like Tony did in the coma...the "What If Life"

What I thought was significant was Melfi trying to get Tony to be angry about his father. Then she tried to talked to her shrink about her father.

Another thing was that was interesting was that the young girl kept referring to Junior as AJ's grandfather. Recall Melfi caught Tony speaking about Junior when she tried to get him to talk about his father.

Something may be going on with this. Could Tony be Junior's son, and on some level Tony knows this? Then it truly would have been 'both' parents who tried to have him killed and it was 'wrong' for AJ to kill his grandfather. Don't know if I'm just overanalyzing.

I also think Melfi's question to Tony about him blaming Carmella for the way AJ turned out was somehow significant. She asked if Tony could emphathize with AJ. Tony blames his mother. Melfi wants him to blame is father. Tony blames Carm; He'll eventually blame himself...and his father....


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<blockquote>Quote:<hr>Could Tony be Junior's son, and on some level Tony knows this? ... Don't know if I'm just overanalyzing<hr></blockquote>

I wan't you to know that I for one love this kind of thinking in possibilities.

It makes discussions so much more interesting when other people see your thoughts and have had similar kinds of thoughts.

Just imagine if one of these lines of thoughts becomes true. Then we'll all have a good time wondering if the producers of the show read this forum.

Personally, I think they may have read some other forums in the past. But they all must have switched to this forum as soon as it became well known.

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I absolutely believe the writers read the blogs. I think the one on Sopranoland that compares the Sopranos to the Devil and Daniel Webster, got a real homage in the reference to the Daniel Webster highway.

By suggesting Junior is Tony's dad, I meant Liv fooled around on Johnny and that on some level Tony knows he is the offspring of that tryst. He historically has treated women as whores. That may be because that's what he thought of his mother. Remember the panic attacks were around his mom getting horny when Johnny brought home meat. Just kinda wierd. It just was something based on Melfi trying to engage Tony on the thoughts of his uncle and his dad.

Something else I noticed that was wierd was that AJ's hair was long when he was on the boat with Tony. The rest of the show it was cut with bangs. The boat scene seems shot out of sequence.

When you look at the Season 6 promo poster they're working through the characters' story lines from left to right....

Carm is second to last; Melfi is last....on the other side of the wall. Don't know what it means...but with all that Jamba Juice around....I think we'll see some real action soon.


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Woowww so many things to write about.

I just checked the review pages but since I didn't find any mention of it I hope everybody got the symbolysm with the orange juice:
The end is near.
For the neighbourhood, for Tony, for the series....

I wonder why did he really stop? Because of Carm? (My guess)
Or could it be because he realzed Julia would see the scar? (Maybe but we mostly see Tony doing it with his undershirt on...)

I think this season writing greatly differs form the previous seasons: It is more thematical. I really enjoy how Artie got more spotlight. Slower pace, but more force. I like it. Like I always wanted to see the guys on getting the money...
Now I got it all....
Junior as T's father? (the empire strikes back<img src= ALT=":)"> )


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Part of the difference in the writing can be attributable to the fact that two long-time writers left the show last season. Burt Gervasi (according to stuff at is Carlo Gervasi's brother (Carlo is the guy who was given Vito's construction business).

The Daniel Webster Highway is the popular name of a route that passes through a number of important New Hampshire towns, including Concord, Manchester, and Nashua, and stretches to Lowell, Mass. Daniel Webster, of course, was a prominent New Hampshire politician and statesman. Seriously doubt that its mention was "homage" to a poster on Sopranoland (where the quality of the posts barely surpasses the literacy level of our worst public schools). Remember, too, that the episode was filmed last year, just as episodes 13-20 are being filmed now.

Doubtful that Junior is Tony's dad; let's not get carried away.

Regarding the show, Tony shows growth as a responsible parent and spouse (albeit with some reluctance), while he undercuts his own crew by selling the building. Tony gains half a million bucks; Patsy loses a couple hundred a week. Let's see: the top earner's on the lam; Phil's mad because his cousin's been shamed and Vito hasn't been whacked; Chris is unfocussed and back on drugs; Patsy and Burt just lost a customer thanks to their boss; Bobby B. is going to have another beef with Pauly next week; and you just know that Johnny Sac is going to be pissed about something. Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble. And that's not counting the trials and travails of "criminal mastermind" Benny Fazio. We're heading somewhere. Tony's improving while everyone and thing around him is deteriorating. But that's how tragedies develop.


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I seriously doubt that Tony stopped with Julianna because of the scar. I mean he already discussed with her that he was shot and was evaluating life on a new level because of his life/death experience. It is not like it was a secret; Julianna isn't a dummy either and I am sure she would realize there would be a scar. Tony isn't stupid enough to put himself in a position where he wouldn't be able to do what he came there for. I mean, would you go to a store to buy something if you know you had no money whatsoever? He wouldn't go to have sex with her if he was embarressed about his scarring. Furthermore, in Mr. & Mrs. John Sacrimoni Request, he was all too proud to show his scar off to everyone. I am not saying anyone is wrong, but looking at Tony's actions through that lens takes away dimension from the most psychologically complex character in tv history.


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