i've grown tired of the aj ine, and the vito crap.
we're in the last seaosn, lets get some things settled, etc -this was ot be the best ever season, i'm not seeing that.

I'm beginning to wonder if the show has lost it's magic. <img src=http://www.ezboard.com/images/emoticons/mad.gif ALT=">:">

I hope I'm wrong. I still watch, but man its getting tiresome
waiting for the real stuff to get figured out. How many episodes are left to tell the story? <img src=http://www.ezboard.com/images/emoticons/eyes.gif ALT=":rolleyes">


Re: AJ's money

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>i take it the money was indeed, at least mostly, from the drums, it was a present from Tony and probably worth a bit.<hr></blockquote>

Correct. At the beginning of s5 Carmela criticizes Tony for indulging AJ, and says "five thousand dollars for a set of drums? you didnt even look in the classifieds!"

So second hand he might have got $3k for them, maybe more...


Re: AJ's money

<hr />But no matter how much he got for them, it was likely wiped out by that one evening out at the club where he paid a $2,000 bill for two bottles of Cristal and another bottle of wine plus tips for the DJ and others.

I'm not sure of the effect that might have had on him. But can you imagine yourself in AJ's spot? He makes minimum wage for working (only part time) at Blockbuster. But spends like a mafia soldier and begs money from mommy.

Throw in the drug usage and no wonder the kid is suffering panic attacks. His desperate need for a sense of identity is enough to cause that. But he must be caught in a terrible financial squeeze play which is enough to cause the attacks too.

Put the two together and I can't imagine that we won't see him attempting all kinds of crazy crimes to get some more money.


Re: AJ's money

I have to be honest with the initial impressions from this episode. I thought it was a little disappointing in terms of the pay off expected (i don't need whackings by the way), but a good episode nonetheless. I know I'll like it when i watch it again, but still I didn't get that feeling like I did after, say, "Live Free or Die" or "Unidentified Black Males" or the first three episodes of this season.

The best parts were the AJ/Tony scenes, I have to see that stuff again.

AJ trying to get to Junior.

Tony rejecting Marguilis (sp?). At the beginning I was like "aww, don't ruin a good thing" and was pleasantly surprised when he stopped. In fact, when Marguillis first turned him down at the club I immediately thought "Tony is Kevin Finnerty" because aside from Melfi who else turned him down?

I feel sorry for AJ's character, I just hope things turn out good for him and he finds some direction. He goes to clubs, but still doesn't get respect. He is pretty lost.

Junior is pretty much in hell now, what a sad way to end it. I was interested in that suit-dressed member at the end of the table, he seemed like he had a nice story.

Yeah, the vito thing is starting to drag, but eh it was interesting. Him talking to his kid was good acting too, but I appreciated when he mentioned where she could find more money.

A funny part was when Patsy and his friend left the starbucks and mentioned "Its all over for the little guy", i had to chuckle.


Re: AJ's money

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>But no matter how much he got for them, it was likely wiped out by that one evening out at the club where he paid a $2,000 bill for two bottles of Cristal and another bottle of wine plus tips for the DJ and others.<hr></blockquote>

I think I'm in the wrong business. I got to get a place like that one last night and beat pompous, ignorant kids out of all their money. Boy, with each week that goes by, AJ turns out to be even more of a loser than the week before. <img src=http://www.ezboard.com/images/emoticons/roll.gif ALT=":rollin">


Re: Bummed

Worst episode of the season, maybe of alltime. Nothing really new, except Tony turning down a gorgeous piece of ass. As mentioned, Vito coming out of the closet is getting way too much play. Plus everyone knows that AJ is a weak idiot, should change his name to Fredo Soprano. Usually when they have an espisode lacking in violence, at least there are a lot of laughs in it, which was also missing last night.

I still retain my faith in the show, next week is liable to be a truly classic episode. Nobody bats 1.000. Or even .500.


Re: Bummed

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>next week is liable to be a truly classic episode<hr></blockquote>

Wow! I've said that to myself after most every episode this season. I certainly hope you are correct. But I've that hope before most every episode this season.

I'm not sure I can agree with you about this episode. I may be overly optimistic, but I think this episode marked the beginning of an upswing.

It seems to me the current season (the sixth) is very different from all previous seasons. Up until now, I have been somewhat disappointed with this season. I understand that there were some intellectual and artistic things going on, but things were just too vague for me to be able to come to any definite conclusions as to what was going on.

In the previous seasons it was as if we were invited on a roller coaster ride. We just got on board, sat back and enjoyed the ride. There was little effort required on our part in order to enjoy the show - certainly there was not a lot of thinking required.

But this season is very different. For the first few episodes, there was clearly a parallel story line and many things going on that could be described as symbolism. When it became clear that the sound of shouting in the room next to Kevin actually represented Paulie's unending complaining in Tony's hospital room, it became clear that there was some effort being demanded of us in order to appreciate the story.

Finally, in this current episode ("Johnny Cakes"), it seems as if the old Sopranos style is back. I'm hopeful that following the remainder of the episodes in this season, things will become clear and we'll all be left to exclaim, "Oh! Of course. That's what it all meant. That David Chase sure is some genius." But maybe that won't happen. Maybe we'll wind up being left to twist in the wind and the season will end with many more unexplained mysteries. But, I have to say that imo tonight's episode was a big step up.

P.S. I'm actually hoping that someone will be able to tie the prologue from the first episode into all the remaining episodes and explain just what was meant by that prologue. I transcribed the prologue and have it somewhere. It was especially forboding about AJ and would make such a nice package if AJ's storyline could be explained by the words and his actions in the prologue.

</p>Edited by: <A HREF=http://p098.ezboard.com/bthechaselounge ... plishak</A> at: 5/1/06 5:09 pm

Re: Bummed

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>"Where I come from guys only do that *stuff*
...so they can steal from people's bedrooms."

It's so funny Vito said that.<hr></blockquote>
Not only that, but didn't he then steal the B&B's guest's cellphone from the guy's nightstand?

I liked this ep and am eager to watch it again. I thought it a little odd when the show started with Tony & Carm having sex, then we get a short scene of Vito in his room, then back to Tony & Carm. There was an awful lot of cutting back and forth betw NY/NJ and New Hampshire. I'd like to pay more attention to these cuts when I rewatch.

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>The best moment of last night's show was when Tony walked away from the real estate agent. Tony is so indebted to Carmella (he communicates it to his shrink and the look he gives Carmella while dressing to meet the real estate agent), is this the reason he passes?

OR: She was unbuttoning his shirt. Is he ashamed of the scar that is on his mid-section or Does thinking about his scar trigger everything Carmella did to nurse him back to health?<hr></blockquote>
When Carm was lovingly buttoning his shirt, it was just another reminder to Tony of her support and steadfastness, and love. When Julianna was unbuttoning his shirt, she was figuratively and literally UNdoing what Carm had done for him. I was so happy that Tony wised up.

It was great that AJ is now having panic attacks. Good. I've said before that I believe he wants to kill Junior not for his dad, but for himself. This became readily apparent at the club, when everyone was trying to use him for his father's influence. No one cared about AJ for himself, no one respected him. So he felt he could gain some street cred by killing his uncle. (It probably would have worked, too, if he hadn't freaked out.)

This ep also tied back to the business re Artie's restaurant and the new Da Giovanni restaurant. Artie didn't want to change with the times to bring in new clientele. When Patsy is going around collecting and tries to intimidate the new Starbuck-esque store, he finds that things are changing. The neighborhood is changing, becoming gentrified. And, wouldn't you know it, Tony ends up giving in to change -- Of course not just in selling out the poultry store to a Jamba Juice store, but in his new approach to the Family.

Out with the old, in with the new.

I'm still enjoying Vito's story. I was shocked and saddened when he acted repulsed by the cook's advances, and I'm glad they kissed and made up. It's amazing how much I've come to like Vito's character.

I'm hungry for some johnny cakes. Or maybe just French toast.


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