Re: Favourite episode quotes for "Johnny Cakes"

The scene with the foul mouth old lady (Mrs. Conte) was classic. It had me rolling.

TS: Hey! Mrs. Conte come' sta, how's the hip?

Old lady: Hey Antnee, I need your help...

TS: What is it?

Old lady:Those nigga fuckin' whores, they play that music so loud.....

TS: Now that's not nice. Those are Puerto Ricans Mrs. Conte.

Mrs Conte: I ask them nice to turn it down, they tell me to go fuck myself.

TS: All right, I'll see what I can do.

Mrs Conte: Ahhh Thanks! Hey! How's Junior? Tell him I said Hello.

TS: YEAH! And he disgustedly walks away.

"Everything happens for a reason"</p>
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