"I Yam what I Yam"....Tony's Sexuality

He alluded briefly in Luxury Lounge to getting some stirrings again....I'm wondering, when and how is Tony going to re-discover the wonderful world of sex.

I don't mean to be prurient. Is anyone else surprised that he hasn't gotten the urge sooner, or acted on it sooner (or asked to have it acted on, ala Jack Aprile in the hospital?) Granted, Tony had a devastating injury...but isn't it time?

He is smoking cigars, walking well, beginning to eat well (although still more blandly than usual) and we know Tony's a man of bodily pleasures: cigars, scotch, and women. We also know that he's used to a variety of women, and a variety of sexual encounters. Is Carm going to be "it" for him from now on (not that she's chopped liver....she's hinted at this sexual side that we really haven't seen).


Re: "I Yam what I Yam"....Tony's Sexuality

I venture to guess that Tony will be enacting his old libidinous virility before too long. At the same time he does demonstrate the behavior and attitude of male cardiac patients who continue to nurse along their "ailment" while fearing "doing it." His reluctance with Carmela was realistic (given his recent injury), yet I am thinking transitory...

Doesn't Rachel Weisz appear next week?


Re: "I Yam what I Yam"....Tony's Sexuality

(in order)

OE, you're right....I think he has been tentative and also, he hasn't really been "tempted" yet by a Gloria type, or a Valentina type. It's been kind of odd not to see the earthy side of Tony and nice (familiar) to see it come back....one of my favorite scenes thus far this season, as others have mentioned also, is Tony wrestling the a/c top. Classic...and genuine anger as opposed to the fake Perry episode.

Peeayebee, another thing related to the reinitiation is that the Carm/Tony roles have kind of been reversed. I remember Carm saying to the male therapist (sigmund freud looking type--the one who urged her to leave Tony) or Fr. Intintola that she was complicit in Tony's infidelities by passively (happily? at the time?) abdicating that part of her wifely duties to his goomars...she'd cook, she'd mother....that part of wifely life and they'd provide the sex part that she was too busy for.

Now, we're seeing Carm as a sexual woman (if only she could have confessed what she said to a comatose Tony to an awake Tony) and it's Tony who is not performing...for now, at least.


Re: "I Yam what I Yam"....Tony's Sexuality

I'm still clinging to the hope (faint belief) that Tony will quit his philandering. I don't expect it will happen without missteps in the beginning. And it certainly won't happen without temptations. The JM character (no, not Melfi<img src=http://www.ezboard.com/images/emoticons/happy.gif ALT=":D"> ) is obviously going to be one or the other of these.

But the signs of a new chapter in the marriage, even before the shooting, were there. I count it as pretty significant that his and Carm's sex life was apparently more active -- and more risque -- than it's been at any point during the series. Since the shooting, they seem closer than ever. Carm is as doting, protective, and attentive as a mother. Tony is opening up to her emotionally as never before (the conversation about Junior and his mother.) He's even showing his romantic side, shocking the heck out of her by asking her to dance, something that clearly hasn't happened in a decade or two, judging from Carm's reaction. Put together with the emptiness Tony was finding in goomars and casual sex last season as well as the fidelity Tony exhibited in his NDE, I feel like this area is the one where true change has a chance to gain hold without his mob life demanding otherwise.

The previews for next week suggested to me that whatever JM wants with Tony (we know from the official promo material that she plays a real estate agent) must become a subject in therapy. Tony was expressing to Melfi great enthusiasm for an "outside venture". Melfi's expression seemed anything but enthusiastic. I wonder if she will see, even at this early stage, that this is yet another of Tony's Livia-driven pursuits, or maybe even a subconscious effort to atone for his perceived failings re Gloria, since the JM character is a saleslady, like Gloria. Should be interesting to see how Tony processes it all, aided by Melfi's insights.

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