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Arty's rifle -- used in an old episode -- foreshadowing?
When Arty shot the rabbit in his garden, he used a hunting rifle.

Many, many episodes ago, when Arty found out that Tony ordered Vesuvio to be burned down, didn't Arty show up with a hunting rifle ... for a show-down with Tony?



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Re: Arty's rifle -- used in an old episode -- foreshadowing?
Yes he did.

He broke that rifle when he banged it on his car i think? What´s your point?


Re: Episode Review and General Comments

yeah, bacala, perhaps that was an obvious find, and I didn't read every post in this thread, but I didn't see it mentioned. Him skinning and serving a rabbit that he actually killed also really shows the arc of his character in this story. Not only is he going back to the basics of cooking, but he also killed and prepared the rabbit, instead of just ordering the food from a distributor

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Arty and the Rabbit

The rabbit was grazing in Arty's garden and Arty shot it, cooked it, and served it.

The mobsters are grazing in Arty's restaurant -- getting free food, taking his attractive hostess, stealing his customers' credit card numbers, etc. Arty's talking back to Tony -- nothing seems to be scaring Arty anymore.

This analogy seems more and more obvious the more I think about it.


Re: Arty and the Rabbit

Maybe the rabbit was actually Bugs Bunny, because Bugs came from Hollywood where Chrisy went to get in the movie business just like Bugsy Siegel (Bugsy Bunny) tried to do who was also a Jewish gangster; and Hesh is a Jewish gangster, and what Hesh did was get in the record business which is what Adrianna tried to do which led her to Crazy Horse which got her killed just like the real Crazy Horse at the end of the 19th century, which came just before 20th Century Fox, and everyone knows a fox lives in the woods with bunnies, and I think I see where David Chase is going with all this... AAAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHHH I'M HAVING A METHAPHOR TO OVERDOSE! <img src= ALT=":eek">

Phewww, okay... I'm getting better now... thanks for listening... just tooooo much...

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Re: Don Giovanni

Regarding Don Giovanni and possible ties

#1 Don Giovanni is an opera by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Perhaps David Chase is a fan of Mozart.

#2 More related to the Sopranos or perhaps just mere coincidence Don Giovanni is an Italian Restaurant located in <span style="text-decoration:underline">New Hampshire. Here's a link:</span>

ok im sorry ure looking wayy too much into this and to top it off its not called don giovanni its DA Giovanni, meaning in italian Giovanni's (like giovanni's place)

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Re:Artie and the Bunny/Episode Comments

I liked "Luxury Lounge", although I will agree with the general consesus that the part about Carmine and Christopher's vist to Hollywood wasn't that great, although there were a few laughs there and that bit with Bacall getting knocked in the chops was priceless.

I've always liked Artie as a character...he is Tony's only friend or associate who isn't in oc. He's been Tony's friend since high schoool and gets away with a lot more than T would permit from any of his crew. Artie is envious of Tony, his power, money, women [we saw a bit at the Bing where Artie is mentioning how T could screw any stripper he pleases] the respect he commands, while Tony tries to make Arty realize that being a mob boss isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Re Charmane Bucco...the elainb on my user name is my significant a red blooded American male I ENJOY seeing Charmane and it seemd that her rather well-endowed rack has become a bit of an inside joke on the show. Seems every episode she is in there is a mention to her knockers, either by a remark or visual reference. That line by the Mexican cook was hilarious. A personal opinion, I would put her as the best looking gal on the show, in the over 40 category.

The hit on Rusty...I would find it hard to believe that a hit man would let his guard down that much, letting the other car park behind him, then letting the strangers come up [speaking Italian, no less!] I'd think Rusty and the other guy would have had their guns out.

Oh yeah, re Artie and the Bunny...shooting the rabbit was symbolic of Artie putting to rest the timid Artie Bucco. I hope Arty runs into that french guy who stiffed him on the vodka deal.

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Re: Re:Artie and the Bunny/Episode Comments

im not sure if arthur is really envious of tony, it looked a bit more like sarcastic anger to me.tony took him a good cut out of his life, costed him quite a few years through his mafia shit while artie was always working hard and always was fair to ppl.charmaine called him a few times arthur(=the bear, celtic name) this episode, has she done this before(duno really)?he has this funny part in him when hes drunk, like the shadow boxing after he beat up benny.we will see where this ends when arthur gains more clarity and maturity, out of the ppl on tonys ass i would see artie among those on top...but who knows, maybe this story wont be finished.
remember them speaking in the kitchen? how arthur had to lean back after tony went out?i think if it comes to a fight between these two there will only be one survivor.might be artie(shaw:P).

edit:the celts and romans have a long history of wars btw., and the romans by far have not always been on top.
edit2:i wonder if the sign 'please "bear" with us' from the dream episode was meant to be 'from' artie.tony stumbles after and falls, the doc says it could have costed him his life, and tony has alzheimer then, like right now in the kitchen when he is talking to artie and doesnt realize the real problems, how he fucked up arties life and artie doesnt like his style.tony should work on this after his 'change'.

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