Re: The Potential Consequences of the Hit on Rusty....

if you consider sex hell, then yes.
he was just caving it and playing the holy guy and hiding in one identity when the devil had him on his nuts in the coma.he was still feeling the devils breath in his neck for a while, hence the throwing up when doing he was getting stronger again and got stained since he had to do an evil to avoid another, this makes his little friend work again soon since he isnt in the coma anymore.

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Re: The Potential Consequences of the Hit on Rusty....

Phil did kill Angelo Garepe in Season 4's episode "Test Dream". Angelo (played by Rockford Files alum Joe Santos) indeed was a prison mate of Tony B's and they were close. It was Angelo who brought Tony B a sign to post in his office saying that he was the boss or something to that effect.

When Tony B found out about Angelo's murder (killed in the trunk of Phil's car, not unlike Billy Batts!), he ran out to kill Phil and killed Phil's brother instead.

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