Re: Trouble from the bag man?

Quote from the episode guide: "Christopher enlists heroin addict Corky Caporale"

He is a user. But if he quit and got his act together he would be a great soldier I think. It felt like he had done this sort of things before, the way he talked and the terms he used.


Re: Trouble from the bag man?

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>Right. Also, just because he got paid for connecting the hitmen to an address and supplying them with guns, it doesn't mean he's a user (although he had the look of a potential user); it may be that he steps on the stuff a couple of more times and turns the dust into cash for himself.<hr></blockquote>

dust and H are entirely different things. but thats pretty irrelevent.

carry on!


Re: Trouble from the bag man?

Mr. Gebowitz

I'm not joking about the possibility of Corpy being Paulie's father. Consider:

1. Paulie's real mother said that she hooked up with someone named Russ. Russss. Think about it.

2. He fought in WWII, by now it's obvious to me.

3. Paulis is like 60, and Corpy is like 28. Ding Ding Ding, we have a winner!

I, for one, can't wait for this storyline to play out. Serico himself said that Paulie will be going through two major things in this season. One already happened (he found out Vito wears sports jackets), and the other is this I say.

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