Trouble from the bag man?

Did it seem, to anyone else, that there is something very fishy with the bag man that Chris used as a go-between for the Italians?

First, as people pointed out after last weeks episode, it was peculiar to use someone (a junkie?) that you would pay in drugs for such a task, considering how important it was, to Tony, to distance the crew from the act. That, in itself, seems like bad judgement, even for Chris. How trustworthy is a junkie to, A: get them set up with the neccessary guns, maps and instructions and B: keep his mouth shut.

But then, in last night's ep...He speaks fluent Italian and says he come over to America when he was 2. But, when the Italians ask him what villiage he was born in, he seems to get scared and just leaves without a word.

I have no idea who he could be, but I get the feeling there could be some more story coming from that guy.


Re: Trouble from the bag man?

While this series has gotten some wierd storylines from strange things it terrifies me to think if some of you were the writers. The guy didnt want to acknowledge their question because it lessens his anonimity...its really not that complex...he just set up a Captain of a NY family...hes going to devulge family information to people involved?

...and as far as Chris picking him...its pretty cut and dry, the guy has a habit, he'll do what Chris asks and was obviously capable of it or he wouldnt have been asked in the first place...oh and if someone thinks the guy may lead a trail back to them? Whos going to care about a dead junky.


Re: Trouble from the bag man?

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>As for being paid in H: This is the coin of the realm for some.<hr></blockquote>

Right. Also, just because he got paid for connecting the hitmen to an address and supplying them with guns, it doesn't mean he's a user (although he had the look of a potential user); it may be that he steps on the stuff a couple of more times and turns the dust into cash for himself.

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