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<blockquote>Quote:<hr> i too just couldnt stop LMAO at Patsy reaction to Chris' 'union greaser' joke; I think that because it was so unadulterated, so natural, as he was laughing hysterically infront of all the guys whilst they were all stone-dead serious...

I could not agree more. I didn't particularly find Chris' joke very funny, but Patsy's reaction to the joke made the moment absolutely hysterical. I agree; it was the contrast between the seriousness of Carlo and Bobby and Patsy's eruption that made the moment.


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New to posting here but wanted to pipe in on a few things.

Not actually a quote but paraphrasing:
The scene where Silvio is sitting with Vito's wife waiting for him to show up. Before he leaves: "Here's Blood, Sweat and Tears tickets. And back stage passes."

No disrespect to the band's fans, but Blood, Sweat and Tears??? Gee, good thing Silvio is connected otherwise that would have been a hard ticket to get! And back stage passes, to boot. Hanging with David Clayton-Thomas and company would be a wild time. Why not the Stones, Springsteen, some band more in demand?

Did I miss something from perhaps an earlier episode or was this Chase's tongue in cheek humor?


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I laughed out loud when Tony and Chris were talking in the back of Satriales about the Middle Easterners and Tony said something along the lines of:

"That Middle Easterner, whats his name - "Fazool" or something?"

I loved the Italian-esque pronunciation of "Fazool", in that Tony kinda pi$$-takingly used the similar sounding "Fazool/Fagiole" as in Dean Martin's "Thats Amore" song; (i.e: Pasta with broad beans)

"When the stars make you drool just like a <span style="text-decoration:underline">pasta fagiole (pronounced "Fazool&quot<img src= ALT=";)"> </span> That's amore"

He was likely trying to say "Faizal" which is a traditional Middle Eastern name which is even more funny when you realise the guys names are Ahmed and Mohammed!

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“Vito Spatafore is an ass muncher”

“He was wearing a motorcycle outfit, like the guy in the village people, with the hat and the vest…” “chaps too.”

“Ok lets take this in the back” “Yeah, that’s what Vito did!”

“Tell you what, if it was me this kid was spreading rumors about, he’d have something up his own ass. And it wouldn’t be no cock either.”

“No rush to judgment…for all we know this fuckin Sal guy’s got a hard-on for Vito.”

“So whatta we gotta do Tone, actually see him take it in the ass?”

“I hear fat Vito has been riding up the Hershey highway.”

“It could be a mid-life thing” “suckin a cock??? A midl-life thing?”

“In my business, I’m around a lot of women; that one ain’t getting laid.”

“He’s a faaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaag!”

“The guys that are working for me are asking for head…his head…what the fuck.”

“Just for the record my incarceration was very short term, so I never had any need for any anal…you know.”

“Catching? Not pitching?”

“When he was always talking about greasing the union, who knew that’s what he meant.”

“He’s a come from behind kinda guy.”

“It’s 2006…there’s pillowbighters in the special forces.”

“Let’s say he shows up…you gonna kiss this guy on both cheeks.”

Johnny Macaroni (not Sacrimoni) crack by Finn (DeTrillio, himself [part] Italian)

"Everything happens for a reason"</p>

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GiuseppeSoprano to MrTaste:

No problems, dont apologise! With Vitos bi/gay storyline starting to come to a head (no pun intended!) in this episode, theres alot of sexual ambiguity in the air at the moment so somewhats seems understandable that i may have been confused as a girl - so im willing to give you a pass!

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