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Giovanna? Did you mean me 'Giuseppe'Soprano?

Thats the 2nd time someone here has now called me Giovanni (I dunno what to read into Giovann<span style="text-decoration:underline">a</span> being the female equivalent!) <img src= ALT=":)">

Maybe someone is trying to tell me i need to change my name!

Glad to see you caught the Ojibwe refefence too. <img src= ALT=":)">

LouisBrasiSleepsWithFish - i too just couldnt stop LMAO at Patsy reaction to Chris' 'union greaser' joke; I think that because it was so unadulterated, so natural, as he was laughing hysterically infront of all the guys whilst they were all stone-dead serious...

... i love how it was filmed in that Chris started laughing at his own joke before he had finished it, humouring itself - the writing and of course acting in this instance just makes if seem SO real and relateable to the viewer - this style being one of the many huge draws to me of this wonderful series

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Re: Favorite Episode Quotes

There is a clever sight gag 48 minutes into my TiVo of the episode. We are in Tony's back-room office, where Carlo is getting his promotion. Looking over Silvio's shoulder from a larger-than-life reproduction of a (mug shot?) is the bust of a remarkably sensual 1930s-style young man, a suggestive, ironic reinforcement of the episode's homoerotic theme. I'm wondering, why does Tone have this fella on his wall, and why is it so big?


Re: Favorite Episode Quotes

In the kitchen, right after Meadow has used the F word, Tony asks, "since when do you go around using language like that in this house with immunity".

Actually the word immunity can be used in this way but the phrase is usually used with the word "impunity".


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Lots of great lines and exchanges, of course. Just a few more that haven't been mentioned.

When Carm and her dad are arguing about the house materials --

Hugh: "You left it there to rot."
Carm: "I can't believe this. With my husband on his deathbed."
Hugh: "Sarah Bernhardt."

The way he said 'Sarah Bernhardt' was hilarious!

After Melfi asks Tony about the cost of his hospital stay --

Tony: "Is that the issue?"
Melfi: "You tell me. What IS the issue?"
Tony: "He's a FA-AG!"

Then later, after Tony tells her what he doesn't like about homosexuality --

Tony: "I don't give too much of a shit what people do behind closed doors between consenting adults. Don't forget -- I'm a strict Catholic. I agree with that Senator Sanatorium, if we let this thing go too far, pretty soon we'll be fucking dogs."
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