A change in the terrorism storyline angle?

I noticed this peculiarity after re-watching the episode.

The whole Christopher/Tony discussion about the Arabs seemed edited. Remember, this Danish cartoon thing was pretty recent, right? I thought they shot this last year, but the cartoon thing happened THIS year.

Look at Christopher's hair and his side-burns in the scene. They are longer. In the later scenes, they are cut. Not too big of a deal, except before they were cut too.

Is this indicative of a change in direction of the terrorism angle?


Re: A change in the terrorism storyline angle?

I ask whether they are changing it because they really sort of exposed a possible underlying theme in one conversation. Given that this conversation didn't seem to be intended (why reshoot an important conversation?), and the dialogue was important (the whole terrorism angle), I wondered if the storyline was changed.

The Danish cartoons had to do with the terrorism sub-plot because Christopher mentioned it.


Re: A change in the terrorism storyline angle?

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Posted: 4/20/06 7:09 am
Was "Muslim/Danish cartoon" scene shot later?
Did this stand out to anyone else.

When Tony and Chris were in the back of Satriales talking about the Middle Easterners and Chris mentions how annoyed Ahmed was at the extremists reactions to the Danish Allah cartoons and how it painted all Muslims in a bad light etc...

...I mean, this happened rather recently and when you consider when the episode was likely to have been filmed, the post production etc. its seems too recent an actual event to be included, in the sense that i believe Chase probably filmed this piece much later, and then spliced the footage in the edited process.

The way it was shot just with Chris/Tony and none of the other guys, and the fact it was a relatively short scene suggests to me that this may be true.

Chase has mentioned more than once in interviews/commentaries that he likes to include relevant and current news topics in the Sopranos dialogue in order to keep the show contemporary with current events to enhance the realism to the viewer so im guessing this may have been the rationale here.

Would be intreseting to hear what others thought

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