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jayneezy said:

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>yea i saw some similarities too.....looks like that bed & breakfast place he stayed at was the same or almost like the place from the finnerty reunion<hr></blockquote>

The B&B similarity struck me too, as did the scene of him waking up the next morning in the hotel bed, which reminded me of the scenes of Kevin Finnerty waking up.


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"I really felt for him (despite the fact that I've never liked his character) when he was watching the gay couple in the diner wistfully.
It seems like this is just a theme this season...the mafia life versus the life they could have lived."

I think it's been going on for more than just this season; the scene where Vito watches the gay couple (and the guy behind the counter, who he was checking out) actually reminded me of the scene last season where Chris is at the gas station and sees the miserable guy with the old car. Both scenes are about a mafia guy considering what his life would be like if he wasn't in the mob. Chris decides his life would be worse and decides to stay in, and gives up Adrianna. Vito might decide his life would be better if he could stay in apparently the gayest town in New Hampshire and live free.

It seems like each of the main characters is going to be presented with a moment where they get a glimpse of what things would be like for them without the mafia, and they have to decide whether to try to leave or not. Tony decided to stay alive, but to stay alive as Tony Soprano the mob boss. Chris decided to give up his fiancee and stay with the mafia. Vito looks like he might try to give up the mob life and his family.

I expect more characters are going to have these kind of scenes and be forced to choose one way or the other.


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Nice thread topic JoLaLimbo,

Also, did anyone notice that amongst the locals Vito was saluting Good Morning too, one, the old gentleman walking along cheerfully holding the wooden staff - this seemed to me to be a figurative personification of 'The Happy Wanderer' which has been alluded to so often by Tony - again contributing to the Tony/Vito parallel in this instance


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Very interesting parallels! Love this thread. Now, because of the parallels and the comments (which I also noticed) about the town being the friendliest "gay town" in NH.....I wonder if Vito DID inteed shoot or crash his car? or something and all of the scenes taking place in NH are Vito's coma???

It is sort of a surreal place and his experience there so far a little too......too....something?


Re: Vito/Tony Parallels

Very good topic and input guys and gals.

Grey Eagle's post hit a nerve with me. I think this thread could be fleshed out to include most of the major characters.

It's seems that Tony's Coma experience is being echoed time and time again. The main recurring themes I see are isolation,denial, regret(or retrospection) and crisis of identity. Members have done a great job with the Tony/Vito angle,but I wanted to open up some other possible Parallels for discussion.

1. Paulie finding out about his birth mother. He tells Tony something to the effect of feeling like his whole life had been ripped out from under him and rightly so. Besides money, I don't think there's anything paulie cares about more then his heritage. Now he can't trace his bloodline back to the old country. Talk about an identity crisis.

2. Chris is back to his California dreaming. From next week's preview, we know he is going out west. Like Tony's NDE, I see Chris being shown as a fish out of water. Sort of like what happened to him in D-Girl from Season 2. Chris's continuous desire to get into the movie business says a lot. I see him as a hard core mobster that has built his world around lies. it's all about surface images with him. His whole fascination with movie making is based on greed and fame( Something quite the contrary to his "Family" obligations). Going to Hollywood should break him from his delusions of grandeur.

3. Carmella is completely failing in her struggle to find independence. We have seen her admit her mixed feelings about Tony and the mob to Dr. Melfi. Can she come to terms with how she gets her material desires? Will she be able to overcome obstacles without Tony's help?

It's interesting to note her seeing Vito and Paulie's true feelings in 603. Remember when she brought up the kiss ass factor to Tony in Season 5? It was about Tony's perception of his underlings and there devotion to him then. Now she witnesses her remarks first hand and makes a realization that these people really can't be trusted. She was right, but what can she do about it?

You could even add Meadow and AJ struggling to find out who and what they want to be. Will Meadow ever give up her high moral ground and realize her father is tangible proof of injustice in the world? Can AJ detour from his fathers footsteps?

Sorry for all the questions. I'm hoping others can give more incite then myself.

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