Re: Those (Tony) who fail history, are doomed to repeat it

is there a chance that the three girls in the kitchen said to tony only that finn has seen vito with a guy in a car, that they werent really specific?
that would explain why even tony looks a bit surprised and stands up when finn says it was the other way around and why tony says this secret has to stay inside those walls(unless he got to know it completely in the kitchen and told ro to shut up, i doubt though she would tell phil if tony told her to shut up and it that case there would be a snitch among the guys).


Re: Those (Tony) who fail history, are doomed to repeat it

With all of the guys listening to Finn's story there's a much greater chance of Finn's identity leaking out. In fact, when Philly was talking to Vito's wife, I got the impression that Philly already knew Finn's identity. My first crazy thought was that Philly was going to whack Finn. Being all man, Philly is probably repulsed by homosexuality, but Vito's wife is family and Philly would love to do anything to harm Tony's family after what Blundetto did to Philly's brother, Billy.

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