Re: Tony and other women.

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>Everyone in that circle when Phil was talking was (presumably) in the upper echelon of the NY/NJ mob. The guys from NJ we know were the top guys, and I assume the other guys there were top NY guys (other families, whatever) - so in that audience, he's free to talk openly.<hr></blockquote>

Yeah, but NY and NJ are technically different families, no matter how much business they do together; we've seen them haggling over business and plotting in various ways to whack opposing captains and bosses. That would suggest that Phil is basically bashing his boss in front of "strategic competitors." Makes even less sense considering the ongoing bad blood due to Tony B. whacking Billy. I don't know, it just struck me as very unwise and out of character.


Re: Tony and other women.

i take it it was pure critic, he made sure everybody heard it and he made sure he was using the right words, very harsh action the way he dismissed him, could have called him as well a c*nt.wonder if we see him in prison being barked at by JS again today.he also implies right away the obvious possibility that a man who whines for stuff like that could start cooperating with the fbi right away(which would ask for action from these brutalos i guess), so that is really very offensive what he is saying there.
also chris directly agreeing with him was funny too.chris sees himslef as the future NJ boss anyways, so he made clear ship with phil by agreeing him, those two look even the same, body shape and all.
what i was always wondering is how JS could sell the maserati to chris, i would not have thought that such an act is possible amongst such proud ppl, you just get bitten too fast when you let that guy buy your car.
who knows, maybe JS bites it today(may he live long though <img src= ALT=":)"> ).

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