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CJS, this probably belongs in one of the dedicated threads on the subject. But I agree with you. I absolutely don't see anything from Carm that suggests a plan to have her be "involved" in the business. If anything, her session with Melfi, despite the false bravado of her "it was all bullshit cause there are far bigger crooks than my husband", shows that she is plagued anew with the moral issues surrounding how Tony has made his (and her) living. Her immediate removal of guns from her home tells you something important about the way she's leaning in this scenario.

Her motivations with the Vito remark seem to me transparently about protecting Tony. As we witness from the way she is constantly monitoring and petting him and tending to his needs as well as from her admission that she "feels like a Mommy", she is simply worried about Tony and what may happen to him (vulnerable as he now is) at the hands of the sharks that surround him. Thus her pleased reaction that his new driver/bodyguard was so physically imposing.


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I posted about the GF3 reference. Yes, that would be all too obvious an ending with Meadow dying. However, my bigger point is that this is building toward a tragic ending. Tony clearly wants nothing to do with this hit on Rusty, and you know whatever happens with this hit, there will be repercussions. Tony is clearly annoyed that as soon as he's on his feet again, he's being asked to kill someone (He's not even sure he wants this life anymore, never the less order a hit).

How many times have we seen this formula? Guy trying to get out, can't. It never ends with a happy ending.


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Duke of Mantua wrote:

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>I am putting together a soundtrack of Soprano's music from Season 6 to play at the "Last Episode" night where I will have people over to play "Guess The Scene When This Song Played" trivia.<hr></blockquote>

What a GREAT I have to get to work doing the same thing! Thanks for a fun suggestion on how to enjoy this show EVEN MORE!!!


Re: Vito's Club Scene and End of Episode

<blockquote>Quote:<hr> I was curious if anyone knew the song that was playing in the club when the collection goons saw Vito<hr></blockquote>

Deep Dish. from CD George is On. Song is Flashing for Money (Deep Dish vs. Dire Straights) is mixed with Money for Nothing.

Words go He doesn't mean a thing to me, just a pretty face to me, he's all over town and i'd never let him next to me.

only discovered because I was randomly making fun of the front of the cd and my husband said one of the songs was on while Vito was in the gay bar.

The last song sounds like something from Grease or Dirty Dancing, but don't know what it is.

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Re: Tony and other women.

I already (boldly? stupidly?) predicted before the season that by season's end that he would give up other women. Something about the preview scenes with him and Carmela that spoke of a new closeness. I'm sticking with the prediction, as the actual content of the episodes gives more reason to believe it IMO.

I understand the argument that the beatdown was just the first step to reclaiming his mob boss alpha status and all that goes with it. But I still go back to the fact he was acting "as if". As Melfi counseled he was letting them see what he wanted them to see, not necessarily what he was feeling. No coincidence to me that his first act after the fight was to retire to the privacy of the bathroom. No one saw what happened in there. Nor would he have wanted them to.

Of course I'm firmly in the camp that felt the satisfaction he got from proving to himself and others that he still "had it" was overwhelmed by the nausea of being in a way of life where he still needs to "have it". As another poster astutely argued, the scene could have ended on the smile in the mirror, but it didn't. It ends after the smile fades and after a second bout of vomiting, more violent and prolonged than the first. When the screen goes black, Tony is still heaving in the toilet.

I expect Tony to have sex again with another woman or women as part of him fumbling around in the literal identity battle that his NDE has brought to the fore. Even Finnerty was tempted by the "Lee" (Olivia) character, though it was clear that the real obstacle to a consummation of that affair were his feelings for his wife.

But like the vomiting after the fight, I'm still clinging to the notion or hope that in private, which is where the actual sex will necessarily take place, he will find something unsavory in those acts as well and will ultimately eschew it after one or two encounters. We certainly had plenty of evidence in season 5 that he was finding goomar sex less satisfying while concomitantly finding sex with Carmela more "erotic", as he told Melfi. Their relationship and their sex life apparently continued to improve between seasons, with it thriving as never before in the series in the days before the shooting.

I would expect the residue from the NDE to grab firm hold in this arena first because he was already headed that direction even before the NDE, because it would be the least controversial change in the eyes of his men (Johnny Sac doesn't cheat on his wife, and that never cost him alpha male status), and because it could be most easily hidden from them. In other words, it's the behavioral change with the least negative image risks.

I noted, as I'm sure others did, that the scene of him fully clothed, luxuriating in the smells and feels of his own bed with the arms of his wife wrapped around him was deliberately juxtaposed with members of his crew getting lap dances from thong-clad, topless Bing girls. The "lap dance" Tony now prefers, it seems, is simply relaxing in bed with Carmela.

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