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This season, and "Mr. and Mrs. John Sacrimoni Request" is starting to smell like GF3, or even Carlito's Way. You know the formula: Bad guy wants to go straight, and tries to go straight -tries to get out, keeps getting pulled back in. Tony is definitely thinking about getting out, and he's not thrilled with the Rusty hit.

You know how GF3 ends (see Meadow) and Al doesn't make it in Carlito's Way.


Impending Doom

Here's something that really struck me about this episode.

It seems like the writers were going to a lot of trouble to show somebody that the mafia life doesn't pay. Think back to the episode, whats the first thing that comes to mind about J Sak? and Junior?
J Sak: Completley breaking down at the end of Allegra's wedding (And I really mean it - look at his face as they're shoving him into the car.. he looks like he's going hysterical)
Junior: 'I wanna go home.' That look of anguish on his face.

These guys are the bosses. I know Junior is only boss in name, it but shows what happens to who the feds think is boss.

Anyway, really drove home the point for me that there's no good ending for Tony if he stays in the mob. One big thing changed for me this episode: Prior to, I was determined that Tony meet a bad end. Come on, we all love him - but you reap what you sew, and Tony's got it coming. After this episode, that really changed for me. Now, if they pull something like Tony leaving the life in some way, or changing his way, or flipping, or whatever crazy notion the writers come up with to save Tony - it may be okay with me. A big part of this feeling has to do with Tony's own behaviour and feelings(which, prior to this episode, had still been open to speculation).
But I also think the writers might be trying to convince the fans that Tony surviving (i.e. leaving the mob) isn't as bad an idea as everyone thinks. Just imagine the backlash if the writers make a story book ending...

I dunno... I got that feeling... What do you guys think?


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I agree that the duality is being emphasized. In the first episode everything is wonderful and then Tony is shot. Even at the end of the wedding, it's picture perfect, the bride is saying her good-bye's getting into the limo, all smiles and then the feds come.

And somewhat to your point about Tony being conflicted. . .He seemed a bit anxious when he walked into the last scene. In the slow-mo he was checking to see who was strongest, but I also felt like he was questioning himself -- though he knew what he had to do, he was just as anxious about his ability to do it as he was calculating in his choice of which man to do it to. After beating up his body guard, he threw up. Then he went to the sink to wash his mouth and looked at himself in the mirror. He had a look like, I did it, I can still do it, That wasn’t so bad, or so hard. I’m good. Still strong. Then he smiled at himself with a very satisfied smile. Then he threw up again. That’s where Chase leaves us, on the vomiting. Not the smile.

He’s certainly conflicted, emotionally and physically. But I don’t think a flip answers this, given the way Chase has built it up this season. Nor does any other route of leaving this life. We’ve already been given the opposite of his life in Finnerty. (The exact opposite he joked about to Melfi seasons ago) – this didn’t make him happy either, still lost, still alone, no answers. And, in this storyline Chase has us longing to see the real Tony stand up and just do something. Leaving is not the answer, and I hope not the season’s end.

There is only one thing this season that has been true/pure happiness and satisfaction (salvation?) for Tony, only one thing and this episode threw a spotlight on it: Meadow.

Even her name implies freedom and happiness. Burroughs has already been discussed, and her image as the guardian angel while she’s dancing. I find it interesting that she’s chosen such a weak fiancé, someone who is no threat to Tony or his position in her life, who cannot ever measure up to the protective role of her daddy. In fact, Meadow is always the one taking care of Finn, telling him what to do. Finn and Finnerty are also aligned in the weakness of their character, especially as compared to Tony. I think Tony feels that as long as Meadow is with Finn, she still belongs to him.

It seems that Tony has built up Meadow and his relationship with her as the one pure thing in his life. The thing that something good WILL come out of. He loves Carmela, but their marriage has been through it all, and he’ll easily sleep with other women when he can again, without diminishing his love for her. AJ is a disappointment, even a personal failure. But Meadow. It was her voice that brought him back from the coma, her voice that was in the wind. She’s been protecting him every episode, even reading to him about dinosaurs. When they were in the kitchen and he was explaining to her how much it would mean to him to hold HER grandchildren – you could just feel it in him. The looks they had all throughout the wedding. This is being built up for a reason, and likely for a big fall. Whether she is killed, or somehow turns on him – this will be the final end of Tony. The season is written too tight for this not to play out.

And obviously there is the parallel focus on Sac and Allegra. Same kind of father/daughter love, etc. – but with less substance, they are used more as a mirror for Tony and Meadow to be seen in. Allegra is weak and Sac loves her and takes care of her. Meadow is strong and Tony loves her and needs her. But since they are a mirror, it should be noticed that Sac says when they are planning the wedding at the prison – "we’re going to get through this as a family, dignified, proud, despite all the persecution and roadblocks." Chase then shows us the opposite.

This episode could’ve been titled Daddy’s Little Girl, just as it was sung for the father/bride dance.

And, someone asked in a previous post about James Gandolfini’s real weight and breathing – which was especially noticeable in this episode it seemed. A friend of mine sat in front of him in first class last month and said he breaths exactly like Tony does.


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i have to say from all the speculation i've read i give a lot of credit to the theory that meadow is killed, and in as far as these writers are concerned i dont think their obvious talent precludes them from going down this road.
personally i hope meadow doesnt die, but i am not doubting for a second that a monumental incident such as this will be the catalyst for any major "change" in Tony, or failing that, will at least result in him raining a shit storm down on certain people like they have never...seen, to paraphrase Johnny Sac.

It's gonna go out with a bang, whatever happens.

and i do think the writers are capable of doing this without it seeming like a cheap tribute to Godfather three, they can 'make it their own', so to speak - if they choose to.

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The other thing I can see Meadow doing, if not getting killed, is to join the family's business in a more violent way, not intended by her, but nonetheless. Perhaps having to pull a trigger in defense of someone in the family. Perhaps something reminiscent of when Janice killed Aprile and had to call Tony to clean up the mess. Something like that, that puts her over the line that separates the family business from her life now, which is outside the family business. This joining the family business would also represent a tragedy for her, her innocence, and for Tony, who knows how bad the life is and has wanted her to be protected from that. That would represent a tragic, stunning failure for Tony as he hurtles toward whatever larger actual and philosophical tragedies are waiting for him at the end of the series.

"Pain is the cleanser!" - Ned Flanders </p>

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IMHO i think if she killed someone in self defence or even defending someone it wouldnt lead to her becoming more involved in the 'family'. It would be something she instantly repented for and her father would forbid her becoming involved in that way, even if she were that way inclined.

I can't see the writers putting Meadow in a Richie Aprile kind of situation though to be honest, that would really surprise me.


Re: Episode Review and General Comments

Interesting comments here re Meadow.

I don't know what's going to happen, but, based on his interview comments, Chase has known for several years the very rough climax he's going for and once promised it would "close a circle". The most recent pronouncements on this came in the NY Times joint interview with Chase and Gandolfini just before season 6 started wherein Gandolfini said that Chase told him something (about the ending) a few years ago but that he [Gandolfini] thinks i'ts changed now.

For reasons that I've enumerated several times at Sopranoland, I've been increasingly convinced since mid-season 5 that Carmela will die. I even thought it was coming at the end of season 5. That didn't happen, but she's still my bet.

If you think about how prophetic Tony's dreams (and here I'm including the NDE) have been in actually "predicting" certain events in his life, it figures to me that the ultimate destiny of his character and family lies in the dream he related to Melfi at the end of the pilot episode. When he unscrews his phillips head bellybutton, he will lose his penis and a water bird will fly off with it.

Translation: When he finally "grows up", when he finally succeeds in removing the umbilical cord he preserves to his unfortunate parentage and can disown Livia as the woman from whom he seeks unconditional love and Johnny as the role model for how to be a man, then he will lose his gun (leave the mob), only to see one of his family die.

Which family member? The Puccini aria that plays when the ducks fly off in the pilot is also played one other time, at the end of Irregular Around the Margins. Its previously muted volume soars in the soundtrack in the last shot . . . when Tony looks at Carmela with unverbalized love and appreciation.


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IMHO i think if she killed someone in self defence or even defending someone it wouldnt lead to her becoming more involved in the 'family'. It would be something she instantly repented for and her father would forbid her becoming involved in that way, even if she were that way inclined.

I agree. I dont see her becoming a hitman or something. But if she plugs somebody or some such other thing, it's not going to be the cops she calls to clean up the mess, it will be Tony. Thus, she will be living outside the law, like the family does.

"Pain is the cleanser!" - Ned Flanders </p>

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