Re: Episode Review and General Comments

First -- WOW, talk about a plot-advancing episode. I think the writers might have sensed that some viewers would be hankering for things to move a little faster, and boy did they put that coma in the past (plot events wise) and kick up the notch for action and drama to come.

Issues of first impression:

Obviously Meadow-looking anorexic daughter of Johnny Sacc's commenting "can't we ever talk about anything other than food?" -- echo Meadow's guilt over having said "Jesus! Why is there never any food in this house?"

The smoking hot stripper that had been dancing on Chrissy -- SORRY! She made an impression...

What was the deal with Carm throwing out the garbage?

Johnny Sacc: "Have you READ an issue of GQ in the past 3-4 years?"

Tony's total acceptance of Finn as a potential husband for Meadow.

Meadow's outrage over the government making Johnny Sacc pay for the heightened security. Defense attorney maybe?

It's pretty obvious that Junior has totally lost it.

Tonight's episode sure painted a rough picture that incarceration is no breeze, and that's for sure.

They are hitting this gay Vito subject like trying to take out a fly with a sledgehammer. At least its headed toward the open.

The "Act as if" line cribbed from Boiler Room...great stuff.

Melfi session let me down.

Wouldn't the bodyguard get wacked just for raising his arm against the boss?

Once again, Tony can't "stomach" the elements of being the boss. Also, was that blood that we were graphically shown as he was throwing up? Is his inability to handle it getting worse?


Re: again, with the song!

The 'Jimmy' song ... again! For some reason this song freaked me out last time ... and it's back!!!

I'm not sure I like how it's being used ... though I'll reserve judgement for now. (is this song going to come on now everytime a character is doomed?)


Re: again, with the song!

good episode tonight...this season is one for the records....

Tony fuckin up his bodyguard was funny......

Vito gettin caught dressed like one of the village ppl in a gay bar.......LMAO they will probably find out about him next week...those guys will have to tell somebody......

Johnny got some problems.....his crying really brought out the wolf in Phil......i think he is very vunerable right now....


Re: again, with the song!

Great episode as usual lots of plot advancement as said I have a question though does anybody know the name of the bald guy he's been in a few episodes last season and this season the one who was basically trying to wait on Tony hand and foot they never say his name I try to see the credits but am not sure.


Re: again, with the song!

Very good episode - I think HBO should be getting Steve Buscemi to direct all episodes<img src= ALT=":D">

Few Questions about the end where Tony is looking at everyone.

1.) What was the significance of Paulie's tattoo

2.) Why was he asking Bobby how much he weighed?

3.) Why did they show the guy (I forget his name) that was the one who helped his mother out when she was sick so many times and from what I remember nothing stood out to me to look at.

Thanks in advance to everyone.


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