Re: The Radical Change in Dr. Melfi via Last Episodes Sessio

In addition to Melfi's overt counsel to act "as if", I'm wondering if her reaction when Tony used the term "jackals" to refer to his cronies had any subtle influence on Tony pursuing the beatdown. I watched the scene again, and she interjects "alpha male" with a smile, like she was vocalizing the irony of his description of his men as a pack of wild dogs when she's privately used the animal behaviorist's term "alpha male" in the past to describe him. I felt the remark and her demeanor while making it conveyed what should have remained her private excitement, her private turn-on at being intimately acquainted with such a "specimen", if you will.

This scene then reminded me of the one in Join the Club where Tony meets the Lee (female) character in the bar who expresses, "We're all just impressed to be in the company of a guy who snatched the brass sales ring for 12 consecutive quarters." I did not identify Lee as necessarily a Melfi stand in when I first saw her, more a generic "woman Tony unconsciously identifies with his mother" stand in, partly because of a superficial resemblance to his crazy brunettes (Gloria, Irina, Valentina) but mostly because of the name (Johnny called Olivia "Lee"). But my sister, who has only casually watched about a dozen episodes of the series and was watching this one on Tivo at my home, spontaneously uttered "Melfi" when the camera first focusses in close on this character at the table. In hindsight, Lee's remark about "being impressed" with Tony, and certainly her demeanor and dress, suggest Melfi and the "act as if scene" more than they suggest or parallel any other single character.

For what it's worth, several posters wondered about Lee's red blouse. I don't attach much significance to it (and still don't). But I did notice that Melfi's blouse in the first therapy session (a departure for her, as previously noted) was similar in color and fabric to the one Lee wore.


Re: The Radical Change in Dr. Melfi via Last Episodes Sessio

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>how much money does she get from tony anyways?a healthy tony means what, 3-4k a month for her?<hr></blockquote>

IMO, there's no way Melfi gets 3-4K a month from Tony! I always had impression they met once a week (MAYBE twice) I'd be shocked if she charged more than $200 a session. I'd guess between $120-150.

Melfi has been depicted to us as a fairly (maybe very) successful psychiastrist. There's been no indication her patient load is low - I don't think money is a motivating factor in her treatment of Tony at all.


Re: The Radical Change in Dr. Melfi via Last Episodes Sessio

i was thinking of 300-500 per session since tony is such a special case.if she really is getting what you are saying, then she really likes to throw some sticks in the wilderness by programming ppl against the evils out there.i'd also like it a bit more complicated <img src= ALT=":)"> .

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Re: The Radical Change in Dr. Melfi via Last Episodes Sessio

if Melfi charged Tony extra because he's a 'special case' then she really is seriously unethicial in my opinion ...but this isn't happening I'm sure.
Melif's moral dilemna with Tony is runs much deeper than his or her wallet (for lots of reasons stated vey well earlier in the thread) I find the relationship portrayed in such a beautifully complex manner that I have difficulty determining what I think about it (lots of conflicting thoughts)

a couple things I will throw out there for kicks are:

1) 'people show you want they want you to see' doesn't just apply to the outside world,, it applies in the pscy office too (both sides of the couch)

2) Melfi isn't Tony's parole officer. and while maybe it could work to leave the mob boss issues more 'at the door' than they already are ... in the end, it doesn't change the fact that Melfi has helped Tony reduce and deal with crippling anxiety; prescribed antidepressants, etc. .... all actions that ultimately make Tony a healthier, theoretically more effective criminal.
she's also tried to steer him toward more questioning about the path he's chosen, yet it's unclear, IMHO, whether Tony really has the capability to go there...

I'd really like to know what ever happened to Melfi's afternoon drinking?


Re: The Radical Change in Dr. Melfi via Last Episodes Sessio

i must admit i didnt really watch that intensive when the melfi scenes were up in the past due to so much crap being on pay-tv i just zap through most series and the series is **very** long(and has unnatural characters at times) for such a 'perspective' although its of course an interesting attempt to use and form AS.

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Re: The Radical Change in Dr. Melfi via Last Episodes Sessio

the $300 a week COULD be for twice a week - though for some reason I think Tony only goes once a week
$300 is certainly believable, albeit a bit pricey for jersey, IMO.
though Mefli does provide both pharmocological services and talk therapy (unlike many doctors)

so $1200 a month. that's still a long way off from 3k-4k a month

there's just no way that melfi continues to see tony for the money, IMHO. and there's also no way i believe the $300 a week is anything other than her regular fee.

for some reason the mere suggestion that melfi only sees T for money makes me very defensive of her! i had no idea i had such strong feelings about dr. m!

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