Re: Christopher, the Arabs, and Farming out the Hit

DGC: Not only are they seeking tek-9's, but they are also buying and "using" stolen credit cards. I don't think Chris will farm out the hit to these guys - it's Tony's call as to where the assassins come from. The danger is that Chris is now possibly assisting these guys in carrying out acts of terrorism. He seemed to sense that their request for the tek-9's was unusual, but maybe he hasn't put it all together yet.

The fact that these two Arabs are back in the storyline leads me to believe that there is still a chance that Chris or the Soprano family may actually get involved with Agent Harris about this potential terror cell.

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Re: Christopher, the Arabs, and Farming out the Hit

billymac, that could be very possible.....they actually were arguing about this on the Imus in the morning show a few weeks back when the arabs first appeared.....

Steve Schrippa was on and a regular guy on the Imus show was asking him that and claiming he even had the idea first or something......Anyway you know Steve couldnt say whether anybody was right with the predictions....


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