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<blockquote>Quote:<hr>Tony to Melfi

No chance of a mercy fuck<hr></blockquote>

Without a doubt, freaking hilarious. I watched on Tivo, and I had to back it up twice and wait for my laughter to subside before continuing. It was so out of the blue, so unexpected, and yet so totally Tony. No matter how many ups and downs their relationship goes through, the one thing that never changes is his perpetual hots for her. And it's pretty obvious that it's a two way street, LMAO.


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<blockquote>Quote:<hr>I'm no proponent of infidelity, but I sure would like to see Tony and Melfi get together one time before the series ends...<hr></blockquote>

HOMT, I would hate to see that on almost all levels. First I'd like to see one person on this show maintain their core moral and ethical standards. Second, I don't want the show to fall into the nearly compulsory cliche of shrink (especially female shrink) bedding patient.

On the gut level, though, I understand your wish. From day one there was a palpable sexual tension in their scenes, even if it took 5 seasons for Melfi's reciprocal attraction to be unequivocally confirmed.

That's what makes the relationship so successful and so subtly engaging IMO, even when the therapy is full of crap. A very significant, primitive part of her is sexually turned on by this man's power and towering masculinity even as a bigger part of her is revolted by how he uses it. Then there's the subtle maternal countertransference ("he can be such a little boy sometimes") and a tiny but genuine feeling that there's something worthwhile in him, deep, deep down.

From his perspective, she's this "good", respectable, and attractive woman who listens to him like no other, challenges him intellectually like no other (although Meadow is gaining ground), hears at least some of the brutality that surrounds him and his milieu (Furio beating a pimp and shooting his kneecap), has no reason to continue associating with him, and yet still does.

It's a fascinating mixture that continues to fascinate largely because the sexual gratification is never granted, making its percolation below the surface all the more compelling. And from a therapy perspective, I suppose it serves the very important functions of preserving Melfi as a viable mother figure for Tony and of convincing his cynical, skeptical self that some people in the world are really people of honor.


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A few more classic Tony quotes:

After Phil asks Tony to whack Rusty: "You guys got more buttons than my grandmother's fucking corset".

Tony waiting in the security line to get into the wedding: "With all this fucking security you'd think that Bin Laden was getting married in there."

Tony to Vito: "So the guy will play Ball?"
Vito: "He's fucking Joe Dimaggio"


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Johnny Sac with his family discussing the wedding:

Johnny Sac: "I'm sorry I blew my stack, ok? We are gonna get through this as a family - dignified, proud, despite all the persecution and road blocks. And when I say family, that includes you too Eric"

Eric: "Thank you John"

Johnny Sac: "Thank you who?"

Eric: "...Thank you.. dad"

I enjoyed this part of the scene very much on how Johnny Sac delivered that "thank you who" line.

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