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After Johnny Sac is taken away at the end of the wedding...

Phil: "I'll tell you one thing and I'm not ashamed to say it. My estimation of John Sacrimoni as a man just f***in' plummetted"

Tony: "Give him a break will ya? It's an emotional day"

Phil: "To cry like a woman - it's a f***in' disgrace"

Paulie: "This f***in' coach turned into a pumpkin... heh heh"

Phil: "Well even Cinderella didn't cry"

Tony: "Look when it comes to daughter's, all bets are off. I've seen tougher guys than John cry at weddings"

Phil: "Well let me ask you this, if they can make him cry and if he's that weak... what the f*** else can they make him do?"

Chris: "I gotta agree with Phil, Ton'"

Tony: "Oh you do, do ya?"

Man: "Terrible out there, huh, poor guy"

Phil: "He's an emotional man, loves his daughter"

I enjoyed how Phil was bad mouthing Johnny but when the man came he quickly contradicted what he said.


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Christopher makes a joke about the credit card numbers to the Arab guys. He says "Don't leave home without them." (which is the correct Karl Malden line) then tries to explain the credit card commercial. It is a common misunderstanding today because few young people remember Travelers Checks. That commercial was referring to American Express
traveler checks, not credit cards.


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Not a quote, but the acting done by Chianese while they were discussing if Junior should be admitted to the mental institution. He just kept looking at the Tic-Tac dispenser as if he'd never seen one before.

I thought for a moment he was going to start using it like it was a cell phone.

"Everything happens for a reason"</p>

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Johnny Sac had some good ones....I always love his delivery. Especially in the prison scene.

John: And when I say family, I mean you, too, Eric.

Eric: Thank you, John.

John: Thank you who?

Eric: Thank you...Dad.

Just Johnny's great on the "thank you who" line!


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<blockquote>Quote:<hr>Phil: Say hi to Don-ho for me!<hr></blockquote>

I don't get this one. Can someone explain it to me? Thanks

Reply Edit: Don Ho is a famous Hawaiin singer, closely associated with all things Hawaii. Since Allegra and Eric were going to Hawaii for thier honeymoon, Phil jokingly asked them to say hello to Don Ho for him when they got there.

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I'm not entirely sure if this is the right episode but it's to do with the time Tony has his first day back " at work". One of the guys puts some sort of sandwich in front of him but he says " I can't. The onions......" Now at the risk of annoying some people this screams " onion rings " to me. I'm not saying there is anything inherently wrong with onions or that Tony has developed some new-found allergy but SYMBOLLICALLY at least it's like a warning to him that ONIONS ARE BAAAAD for him.
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