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Not sure if this has been posted, or if anyone gives a shit....

At the end of the episode -- when Tony essentially sizes up everyone in the room and beats down his driver, then retires to the bathroom to vomit -- did anybody else notice that the part when he pukes the second time, right after he pukes then looks in mirror he goes to puke again, was the same take of him puking the first time. Although I need to review it again, I believe that the initial script, i.e.: what they filmed, had Tony puking, then looking in the mirror and smiling, and ENDING RIGHT THERE. But after, upon reviewing the footage in editing, decided to have him puke a second time and end there. Since they didn't have additional footage they simply used the same take twice, but held the shot longer, and ended it there instead. That's just what I think. Not even sure if anyone still cares. Blah.

Re: Ending to the Episode -- Tony Asserts His Dominance...Re

hmmm- very interesting! maybe if it really was an exact filmed duplication, then it could be interpreted as a sort of moment of Tony's self-realization and a type of flashback to what he had just done- vomitted- and we weren't really seeing an intended second act of vommiting. The point really was to see a re-hash in Tony's mind, a re-consideration of his actions, responses. a bit of an awakening. I will re-view this scene again, good observation.
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