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I think that the vomiting was both a biological and psychological response. No doubt that the psychological stress of the fight interacted with his weakened physiological state and caused him to vomit. However, I do not this Tony is changed man. I think we are seeing just the opposite. IMO, Tony was less of "changed man" in this episode than any of the others this season. Tony, IMO, is and always has been a "conflicted man," struggling to live between two worlds. As has been discussed in other threads, change for Tony is a complex and long-term process. Tony is no where near his Finnerty-self. If Tony was really a changed man he would not have given in to the thought of having to beat up innocent man to prove his strength and worth as a leader. Tony resorted to old attitudes and behaviors in this episode and, IMO, moved away from his potential transformed self and back to what he is knows best - NJ mob boss.

Now, that does not mean change is not in the cards for Tony. "Two steps forward and one step back" keeps Tony on a positive trajectory towards making real change in his life. So, it is possible that we saw one step back for Tony in this episode. Next week should interesting...



Re: Tony's bodyguard

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>I kind of figure the bodyguard is gone. He served his purpose in showing Tony's crew that Tony still has what it takes. I know I certainly wouldn't want a bodyguard who might be seething with hatred for me...<hr></blockquote>

That's just the kind of guy (he described himself as having a hair trigger) to come back and pop a cap in Tony's ass. I'd keep an eye on him...


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Posted by half Cusumano
Posted: 4/14/06 12:44 pm
Re: "Philadelphia lawyer?"

Anyone catch this before he punched out the body guard? What does it mean?

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Posted by Hrurusch
Posted: 4/14/06 12:53 pm
Re: "Philadelphia lawyer?"

somebody who can talk himself out of anything i think.

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Posted by billymac72261
Posted: 4/14/06 1:01 pm
Re: "Philadelphia lawyer?"

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>somebody who can talk himself out of anything i think<hr></blockquote>

That's a pretty good summary explanation of the meaning of the quote.

Years ago Philadelphia lawyers were regarded as the most creative and ingenious attorneys, capable of crafting arguments that today would be described as "thinking outside the box". Whenever anyone had legal troubles (especially criminal troubles) the best advice was to get yourself a good "Philadelphia Lawyer".

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Posted by half Cusumano
Posted: 4/14/06 1:07 pm
Re: "Philadelphia lawyer?"

Thanks, Imus didn't know what it meant either.


Re: Episode Review and General Comments

To furhter identify what Tony meant by calling the bodyguard a "Philadelphia Lawyer", I found the following explanation on the internet:

Philadelphia Lawyer:

        “A colloquial term that was initially a compliment to the legal expertise and competence of an attorney due to the outstanding reputation of the Philadelphia bar during colonial times. More recently the term has become a disparaging label for an attorney who is skillful in the manipulation of the technicalities and intricacies of the law to the advantage of his or her client, although the spirit of the law might be violated. For example, an attorney who uses repeated motions for postponement of an action or excessive discovery requests as dilatory tactics primarily for the advantages that inure to his or her client, as opposed to legitimate grounds for such actions, might be regarded as a Philadelphia lawyer.”

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Re: Vito's Club Scene and End of Episode

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>Has anybody gotten the "Tony Cheating on Carm" pool going? I'm thinking he'll go back to it the episode after this sunday's... Anyone else have any guess?<hr></blockquote>

He will. Beating up the bodyguard not only shows the others that he's still the boss, it brings his state of mind back to being the boss. and being everything else that goes with it.

Once his mindset makes the change, things become easier -- the beating was the first step. That smile in the mirror. Plus, it is all familiar to him. Getting back to sleeping with other girls is just getting back to his regular life. Even in NDE it was natural to him. (I don't think this diminishes his love for Carmela in his own mind).

My question is not will he or when will he, but rather how will it affect Carmela now and how will she respond. Does she accept is as part of his business, part of his life? or is it unacceptable now and she's angered because of all she has done for him through the shooting? She seems strong right now, but also a willing participant in his lifestyle. We'll have to see . . .

I think you're right. This Sunday seems too soon.

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