I dont think that was Tony showing any inability to be the boss, it was simply him showing his men that he isnt getting soft, after what happend with Johnny and phil making fun of him. Hence the reason he asked bobby how big he was and then once inside looked back and forth between the 2 guys finally choosing the toughest to go at.


Re: again, with the song!

For some reason, I think that the big bald guy is the bouncer at the Bing, replacing Georgie who quit when Tony kicked the shit outta him (yet again lol).

As for the notion that Tony can't "stomach" being boss, his physical sickness is because he had major surgery, not nerves.


Re: Re: Tony

I agree that Tony beat up the bodyguard to show his men he isn't going soft -- though I disagree that this was the only reason, in fact I see it as a secondary motive.
I got a strong sense from the episode that Tony himself is extremely worried about 'going soft' or already being too soft (the muscle has turned to fat, etc.)

I think this is a main reason why he doesn't want to talk about the shooting with Melfi, he's not ready/able to deal with these feelings and what they might portend. of course, that's the question - what DO they portend? will Tony continue to give into his baser instincts? (his mother never taught him to 'count to 10')

also, did anyone notice the 'pepper' references? Tony says the bodyguard has 'red pepper flakes' up his azz (when joking that he's a hothead) and one of Sac's relatives at the wedding yells out for Tony (or Johnny?) not to 'eat the pepper'

peppers always remind me of Uncle Junior (he should have 'had the peppers') which brings me to ... Tony tonight seemed to be in the Uncle Junior role (the early days) as far as how the 'family' was treating him

and speaking of Junior. does anyone else have feeling he might commit suicide?

Edited to take out 'wedding ring' reference

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Re: Re: Tony

Tony didn't grab his wedding ring if memory serves me right. He was grabbing his pinky ring on his right hand, wedding rings are on the left hand. He was twisting it around (probably not to damage the expensive ring!).


Re: Re: Tony

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>Just like Feech Lamana in prison, Tony picked out the biggest baddest guy in the room<hr></blockquote>

He also knew his driver had problems controlling his anger and would be the likeliest to strike back with the least provocation.


Re: Re: Tony

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>Just noticed on second viewing that when Tony gets in the card game the hand he is holding is three sixes (666). Eerie!<hr></blockquote>

Whoah! Missed that billymac. Thanks for the catch. Will look for that on next viewing.


Tony versus Vin Diesel

People just assume that the guy could have taken Tony due to his build and the age difference. Stop for a second to consider that the older guy in this fight has seen alot of sh*t and been in more than a few fights. Tony was like an instinctive animal and that kid while bigger was not prepared for the old lion's tricks. Apperance means alot and that is why Tony chose to fight the guy, but strength doesn't always win a street fight trust me.....<img src= ALT=":hat">

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