The Jews don't go to hell in Revelations they enter through the 12 gates each according to their tribe. I think Hesh's reluctance is in the fact that the "Christian Right" only care about the Jews because of the Holy Land.


Re: Armegeddon

I completely agree with those that refer to the desire of militant Palestinians who want the right of return and to get rid of every Jew in Israel.

By the way, Hesh's comments are exactly what he would say in real life-I wonder if Chase asked him about it before the scene was shot.


Re:Hesh's comment

I don't disagree that there might be a subtle Chase dig at Christian fundamentalists, but I think it might go further. Perhaps Hesh is not just speaking towards Christians, but Jews as well, in that Israel is the "Holy Land" as his daughter so matter-of-factly suggests. That it comes just after Pastor Bob's discounting of evolution, it just spoke to another hint that that path - that of spiritual fundamentalism - is not the direction Tony will take. Hesh has never seemed much of a Zionist or what have you. Sure, he gets his dander up when someone tries to make light of the Holocaust, but he does not seem one to invest much in the cause of Israel in specific. Just my two boxes of ziti.


Re: The Hesh Scene

we're first cousins in real life...

By the way, Hesh's comments are exactly what he would say in real life

Just curious Cousin do you know this? Are you really related to Jerry Adler

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