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Paulie taking the pipe to Jason's kneecap, and insisting Jason kick up $4k a month to him, and not a word to Tony, will be his downfall.

Tony "gave his word" to Jason's mother that no harm would come to her son. When Tony finds out (and he will) it was Paulie, the "$hit will hit the fan" and it could be curtains for Paulie.


Re: Paulie's name

Being that Paulie is illegitimate, I'm curious where his name, Gualtieri, was derived from.

Anyone recall anything in prior episodes that might be a clue to this?

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Re: Paulie's name

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>Being that Paulie is illegitimate, I'm curious where his name, Gualtieri, was derived from. <hr></blockquote>

Gualtieri is Nucci's last name. I don't recall any back story on Paulie's "Ma" regarding a husband, though. Good question.


Re: Paulie

I had a couple of posts on the quote page for this episode that I think are relevant here, so I'm copying them to this discussion:

<blockquote>Quote:<hr> Quote (from a different user):Favourite moment - Paulie's lonesome weeping had me sympathetic. Feelings that were swiftly diminished following his all-too-characteristic violent attack on the loved-son.<hr></blockquote>

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>Was I the only one who bought those tears hook, line and sinker? I was dead certain it was going to lead to a Sopranos style Hallmark moment where Paulie reconciles with his estranged "Ma".

Then the beating came, and I realized Paulie was attacking someone for daring to have a more traditional family life than he did. Those tears were nothing but self-pity.<hr></blockquote>

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>An afterthought: I had wondered how Paulie arrived at the figure of $4000 a month, then it dawned on me. That seemed like a plausible amount for a retirement village rate. (Has the rate ever been disclosed before?) So maybe he is going to continue to support "Ma", but he's going to take it out of this kid's hide.<hr></blockquote>

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Re: Paulie

Wow, excellent pickup on the amount guys, and probably the reasoning behind Paulies anger towards Jason. He had to have had a heart towards Nucci in the end, its no different from adoptive parents, she still loved him the same as her other children. There is just no grey area for the guy is there, its just all black and white.

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