Remember the college episode?

Well we only saw Meadow putting up the question to his father's face. And getting a mish mash.
And it was her who ran away at the end of S3 (not wanting to face her suspicion toward the mob leanings for the death of Jackie Jr.)

But what about AJ? He had to grow up behind the pretty and smart firstborn GIRL, and was shied away from some personal thinking (remember him bringing up Nietsche?). Now I think he just never ask the obvious question, (also we must note that it was him who first saw his fahter acting differently on the phone in the past- the beast in him). Still for him right now partying /escaping is much easier than putting together the picture. Becasue it is "just plain weird". So in a way he can be understood. Let's hope he never gets a gun into his hands...


Re: AJ

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>to essentially say that his [A.J's] entire existance has had a negative impact on their family isn't true and was something that was said out of anger.<hr></blockquote>

His entire life has indeed had a negative impact on everyone. Carmela said he was "everyone's" cross to bear. I agree; A.J. is totally worthless, and it wouldn't surprise me if he does yet another stupid, selfish act that will cause the death of someone close.

It would be nice if Chase wrote in a script that A.J. gets whacked. I know it sounds absolutely awful, but I detest that little prick.

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