The Note with the Ojibwe Saying (credit to telaforbin)

If this has been mentioned, I apologize, and the mods can just delete this. On the "Sopranoland Forum," telaforbin noted that when Carmella met Melfi at the grocery story, she thanked Melfi for her "note" that "was very thoughtful." It would fit. Tony said something to Janice last episode, to which Janice replied, "I didn't put that up," so we know Tony suspected Janice, and Janice denied it. I think telaforbin may well be correct. Just something to factor into the other discussions. Tony obviously was affected by the note, and the effects may well have been initiated by Melfi.

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Re: The Note with the Ojibwe Saying (credit to telaforbin)

Ah yes, Gary Gizmo/telaforbin...wonderful deduction. This note, if from Melfi, beautifully alludes to the subtle shift in Tony's psychological work to more of a "meaning in life" quest. Being carried and supported by a wind (higher power) and the musings of Schwinn (interconnectedness vs. isolation) will be rich grist for the mill when his sessions resume. I anticipate his characteristic resistance, mind you. At the same time there is just too much percolating with Tony subconciously for him to employ his typically dismissive defenses...for too long, that is. As Fiona challenged him: "Why do you leave it posted, if you do not find it inspirational?" {<paraphrased to the best of my recollection}

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