The last 4 epsiodes

does anyone feel like we just watched a mini season of the sopranos?

it almost seems like these last 4 episodes are just some sort of extended "promo" for the new season....possibly a way to bring the audience up to speed after a 21 month hiatus and introduce a new "status quo" for the NEW season to build upon

i feel like we what we just watched was very conclusive and episode 5 almost feels like the season opener all over again.

i also think there are some hidden message here from the writers....who are teasing the audience by throwing back OUR ideas about how we expect the show to end.

in season 4 episode 1 tony, in a moment of brutal honesty confesses to melfi that 90% of the time for a "high profile guy" like himself the ending is usually dead or in jail. well here we are in season 6 and tony almost died and the other mob boss of the series, johnny sack is in prision and the show is still running full force. i think that is almost david chase's way of saying that these sterotypical methods of ending crime dramas won't do the sorpanos characters justice.

maybe junior killing tony was the idea they had for the shows ending .....and then they decided "why not?" lets just put it in the season opener! haha who knows.

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Re: The last 4 epsiodes

The first 4 episodes are very rich indeed. You can see why Chase agreed to extend the season another 8 episodes, because there are so many interesting stories to tell. Tony's soul-searching, what looks to be Carmela's involvement with Tony's other family, the paths that Christopher, AJ, and Meadow will follow, and a looming crisis with NY; all these developments and many more deserve the full Chase treatment. Each episode is like a full-length film unto itself. Brilliant!

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