Recurring theme -- selfishness and hypocrisy

I was really struck this episode by the strength and repetition of selfishness in this episode.

Johnny Sac: "I'm in here rotting, and all Tony can think about is HIMSELF?"
--in response to Tony demanding he remain an employee of Barone, primarily for W-2 and insurance coverage reasons as he is in the hospital.

Tony: "This girl came in today, burns over 80% of her body"
Paulie: "You should hear about the week I had!"

Rapper: "He was supposed to produce my first album, but with him laid up in the hospital there will be no release for me this year."
--Rapper that Bobby Baccala was talking to, about the other rapper who was shot 7 times.

Tony (to insurance woman): "You want me out of here? I just had surgery, I'm in pain, and I can barely walk. And you want me out of the hospital just so you can save money?"
Tony (to paramedic): "There was money missing after your little "wallet biopsy". You owe me 2 G's."
Paramedic: "2000? I don't have that kind of money!"
Tony: "You've got a week."

Jason Barone: "I had no idea!"
Tony: "Well, now an innocent man has been beaten half to death, in front of his son, because of you."

There was also a completely selfish line from Janice, but we're used to that at this point.

A number of major character this episode (major exceptions: Carmella, Meadow, AJ, Chris) showed incredible selfishness, and a crass disregard for the plight of others. All of the examples above showed a complete lack of empathy -- the problems of each speaker were all far greater than the problems others were experiencing.

I think this is why Jason Barone's mother's plea for any consequences to come down on her rather than her son stood out so much. It was the only example in the entire episode of someone accepting responsibility (a buzz term now!) for her own actions, and attempting to shield the innocent Jason from receiving harm because of her actions.


Re: Recurring theme -- selfishness and hypocrisy

but of course... selfishness and hypocrisy are required elements for anyone wishing to make a living in the mob, wouldnt you say? the fact that they were more pronounced in this episode is just a factor of the events that have transpired, i think. these are the true colors of a mobster.. but one person in particular, has pulled back from selfishness and hypocrisy... he straightened paulie out about who his 'real' mother was... he let the emt off when he could have taken his two g's, and he accepted a less than optimal offer from johnny sac (probably avoiding a major conflict). How much has Tony changed? a hell of a lot, it would seem... ya think?


Re: Recurring theme -- selfishness and hypocrisy

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>How much has Tony changed? A hell of a lot, it would seem...ya think?<hr></blockquote>

Yes, Mr. Taste, I agree. Two scenes/themes from this episode seemed to emphasize Tony's capacity for empathy: His standing guard (almost) of little burn patient's room and his inquiry and ongoing concern for Schwinn. It is little glimpses of his humanity all along that keeps Melfi and us, for that matter, guessing about his true nature...sociopathy by degrees, right? Paulie and others are full blown sociopaths; Tony assuredly antisocial but with oscillating movement toward the humane. I have mentally archived his kindness toward animals, as well, as a subtly positve and hopeful sign...but then again I am personally a sucker for themes of the animal-human connection.

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