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<blockquote>Quote:<hr>"I'm different" - Tony Soprano<hr></blockquote>

After re-watching this scene a number of times, I believe he said "I'm dead, right?"

Carmela responds: "No, No, you're in the hospital......."


Re: Favorite Lines

These are all good. I'll add Melfi's line when Carmela told her that on their second date, Tony brought over a dozen roses each for her and her mother "and my father a $200 power drill."

Dr. Melfi: "Not the typical story of young love."


Re: Favorite Lines

Paulie and the hospital scene with Tony:

Paulie with a shocked and sad look on his face:

"I gotta wear a jock the doc says, to keep the testes elevated. Of course, it could be a lot worse, right? They gave me an ultrasound, uhh no rupture."

Tony's heart monitor starts to rise a little bit

"I mean the good thing is, I hurt it doing a major piece of business. But I saw a little action and the next thing I was at the eurologist. F***in' guy tells me I cant expect the same things from my body no more"

As Paulie talks, Tony's heart monitor continues to rise

"Heh, I'll tell you T, first they eyes, then the teeth, next you find out you can't take pissing for granted - some joke huh? When I was in the service, I won the chin-ups cup three weeks in a row, f***in' beautiful definition too. Guy asked me to model for the boxing poster - he was half a fag, but uh, I was flattered just the same. Now, heh, look at this, f***in' wrinkles like an old lady's c*nt. You don't think it's gonna happen to you, but I'm feelin' it Ton'"

Cut to Finn and Vito scene and then back to Paulie

"That f***in' agita T, I mean do I blame myself for this life, this s**t that happens. Like wit' Puss, stand-up one day, FBI rat f*** the next"

Heart monitor rises even more

"I felt it here T, I felt it right here" (Paulie pointing towards his heart).

Tony in purgatory screaming "Will you please shutup in there, I'm sorry, Yes the Inn at the Oaks, Left on Jamboree Boulevard, out towards the Beacon. What is that beacon anyway? Oh. God damnit, shutup, shutup in there!"

Back to Paulie

"So I said to Ma"

All the monitors in the room going off

"What the f***? Nurse don't leave! Help!"

Paulie then slowly leaves the room with a very scared look on his face.

Hilarious stuff<img src= ALT=":lol">


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