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ok this was a scene but.... After paulie and vito give carm the money the expression carm has while seeing paulie and vito lookin all depressed was classic.

yea and booby tellin sil while gettin loaded in the ambulance

Hey Sil i didnt hear from u this morning ...

dude that episode was classic.


Re: Favorite Lines

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>Not so much a line, but the scene of Paulie clipping coupons was so damned funny without any words.<hr></blockquote>

Amen, that scene tells volumes about Paulie. Sitting there cutting coupons like a little old lady... funny funny funny <img src= ALT=":rollin">

P.S. It also shows how attached he is to a buck. That's dangerous, because his only love is money, and we saw that tonight...

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Re: Favorite Lines

AJ - "Difficult, but not impossible"

Classic! It just puts to rest all the speculation of AJ going into the "business". Guy can't even buy a gun cuz no one wants to sell anything to Tony Soprano's kid.

Also Benny's "What if..." another funny Godfather moment.


Re: Favorite Lines

Somebody please just post the entire Paulie dialogue talking to Tony. The moment he starts opening his mouth, Tony gets into a panic attack. Hi-f'n-larious.

Also, the vito/phil part where they forgot what they were talking about.

And Christopher explaining the movie.

You know what, pretty much every line was great.

My Baaaaaaalllllllssss!!!


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