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<blockquote>Quote:<hr>Refresh my memory... Did Finn already tell Meadow that Vito is gay?<hr></blockquote>

Yes, he told her! In #61 "Unidentified Black Males"

"Meadow's boyfriend Finn, while on a construction job arranged by Tony, accidentally stumbles upon Vito Spatafore performing oral sex on a security guard. In a state of panic, Finn decides to get away and that causes him and Meadow to argue about their relationship. Finn offers to make peace by suggesting they get married. Meadow accepts and promptly informs Tony and Carmela of the news."

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Re: Vito and Finn

I seem to recollect (but could be wrong) that toward the conclusion of last season Finn frustratedly attempted to relate his "Vito" experience to Meadow. However, she pre-emptively dismissed his allegation with, "...Mr. Spatafore is married/a father blah, blah, blah." At the end of "Mayham", she appeared to be picking up on Finn's unease after his renewed Vito encounter, but as last season, refuted Finn's nonverbals with, "He's (Vito) harmless."

I do not experience Meadow as a dismissive and/or withholding ballbuster. Rather, the duality of one of "those guys" being gay as well as LCN is just too cognitively incongruent for her.

Poor Finn; he's all alone in his Vito-torment experience.

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Re: Vito and Finn

Meadow was totally ignorant in that scene.Finn had already gotten out his suitcase because he wanted to bail and she was talking about her feelings and started whining, she also didnt feel any danger from vito.she seems matured this season, but only because she is in the fathers area who got shot by a madman.she is in a total dreamworld.Finn should havce dropped her and bail when he told her and she was behaving like a kid.

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