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lets see who is missing in chris's new film-friend-family :P.
Tony of course, Paulie and Bobby which seem to be somewhat loyal to Tony imho.
Sil is there, so it doesnt smell too much, and makes quite a few minor objections on the thing itself.
First thing chris is mentioning to tony is the movie club before the old guy hears about it from another side.
Paulie and Bobbie could feel pretty much as outsiders if the film club suceeds(which chris expects of course).
Or is about more than movies later maybe?

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Re: Discussion of the Movie Project Here

Jimmy, i totally agree with what you said about Tony being internally enraged about what Chris said to him, and when he said it.

I wouldnt be surprised to see a follow up from this, inasmuch as sometimes Chris can just be so obtuse with the things that he says to Tony, and sometimes i feel he blatantly expects some sort of special treatment.

As much as Ade being killed was devastating to me, Chris must know full well that he is not "owed" anything for his part in giving her up to Tony. Chris took an oath, and in that oath, THIS family came before personal family. And Ade wasnt even his wife yet!!

Chris continues to push the boundaries with Tony, and if Tony hadnt had the plans that he does for Chris, in intending only to make orders through him, then i think he would have been dealt with swiftly long ago.

I think Chris has got to be on very thin ice this season. His constant obsession with this movie gig, not only the fine line between the secrecy of the "family", but its branching out away from family duties.


Re: Discussion of the Movie Project Here

While agreeing with your other points, I disagree with you and almost everyone else it seems on the key things. One, that Chris is being sneaky in telling Tony that way - I think Chris is just really excited about the movie and Tony being back and wasn't planning on saying anything, but the converation ran dry <img src= ALT=":lol"> so it kinda occured to him that this situation was a good way of saying something to Tony which he would ordinarily be afraid to say.

As for Tony being enraged..... I think you guys are reading too much here... he looked like an invalid to me - I don't think anything got through.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly... I don't think Chris is doing anything wrong, and neither will Tony. Tony's problem in the past has been with Chris trying to get into the life of screenwriting, etc. and away from the "family". Also, Tony's been a little concerned with Chris making the story too real, since he would be writing it.
This time, there's no danger of either of those happening. Chris has brought in several other parties from within the "family" so everyone is involved, and he's not writing it, JT is.

I actually thought this was a very smart, mature thing for Chris to do. He's bringing new business for the "family" which is what he's supposed to be doing.

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