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The "joke-telling" from Eps 1 & 2 and movie project arc from Mayham underscore just how dull normal these simpletons really are. They exist in the most concrete cognitve zones, yet at the same time are (sometimes) efficient killing sharks. This is not to say that I was not richly and sadistically entertained by their nonsense myself.

I think that Chase and Co. also like to put out the suggestion in scenes like that of the project meeting of a parallel between the mob family and a current political administration as evidenced by the many malapropisms, but that's fodder for another thread perhaps.


Re: Discussion of the Movie Project Here

This was definitely the funniest part of the episode.

I like the comments about how could the body parts reform when they would have been dumped all over the place, is it a ghost, funny stuff.

What's really scary is that that movie would probably do well. I could see them making it and coming out with a sweet profit.

I'd be interested in seeing how Tony handles it because he was clear the last time that he didn't want Christopher involved in the movie business. Interesting that Christopher chose to tell him when he did. Probably better that he couldn't talk.


Re: Discussion of the Movie Project Here

I think it is worth you re-watching the episode again and where Chris tells Tony about the project, trying to sell it and be enthusastic, watch Tony, he turns to look at Chris by the window when he brings it up (also note Chris walks to the window to avoid eye contact), watch Tony's eyes as Chris elaborates...IMO Tony is raging at Chris not only for the subject matter but also his timing of bringing it up.

You can imagine exactly what's running thru T's head
"are you f****** kidding me!? OWE YOU?"

He'd have throttled him if he could move. Ha ha. If I were Chris I would reevaluate how much this movie thing means to him...quickly. But then I'm not as stupid...the Ghostbusters comment, lol, made me cringe.

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