Re: Discussion of the Movie Project Here

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>Don't forget, Carmine also distributed a whole 30,000 DVD copies!<hr></blockquote>

Yeah, he's definitely been making some inroads in the porn industry, which was clearly the allusion being made.

Also, anyone else get a real laugh out of Carmine describing the "subspecies" of his umbrella corporation, instead of "subsidiaries?"

Carmine Jr.'s slack-jawed idiot smile has always been a source of excellent humor for me, but its even better when he tries to sound "smart" and completely misuses vocabulary.


Re: Discussion of the Movie Project Here

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>did this really happen or was it imagined?

afterwards they just cut back to the hospital, like it never occured.

How could Christoper get hooked up with Carmine, thats bad blood.

And the writer friend, he was about dead last we saw him.

This didn't make sense to me.<hr></blockquote>

This is definitely real. I didn't really think the episode was ambiguous as to whether or not this was real. It was just in there for comic relief. It will also provide an opportunity for Tony to reestablish his dominance over Chris and the rest of the family once he is able to comprehend what they're planning.

I thought it was brilliant. Some of the funniest stuff I've see on TV since Arrested Development was taken off the air. I mean, Saw meets Godfather 2, classic stuff.

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