Janice & Chinese Food

Maybe I'm putting too much thought into this, but when Janice comes into Tony's room to replace Carmela she says that she just had Chinese food. I remember in Season 4 when Bobby's wife die he said that the kids like Chinese but Janice couldn't go because of the MSG. Any thoughts?


Re: Janice & Chinese Food

I sort of got the impression that maybe Chinese food and the MSG in it keeps Janice awake?

I did note though how she continues to turn every situation around and make it about herself. She couldnt just have offered the others respite from Tony's bedside vigil, no, she had to manipulate it once again around to her, not much unlike when she first visited Tony and saw the flesh wound. "MY brother!!!" she cried. My, me... its all about Janice.

Sorry, i have digressed. Back to the chinese food, yeah, thats all that i can come up with.

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