Re: 'Out of the woods'/Eli scene similarity....

Two unrelated observations:

1) When Vito and Paulie are talking in their cars about the Colombian job, Vito comments on how dedicated Carmela is. He says "When I think about if this happened to wife and kids..."
Paulie replies: "Who would look out for my ma, if not for you and the guys?"

YET -- it takes these guys all of about 3 days to forget all about it. Its an obvious point, but man does greed dictate every move these guys make.

2) Anyone else get the impression that maybe Vito set Paulie up in the Colombian robbery? The way he says "they take off at noon and the place is empty" really got me twitching.

Maybe he saw this as a win-win situation. Either Paulie is killed in the robbery, and there's one less person between himself and the throne, or the robbery is successful and Vito gets a big cut of a large score.

I really can't stand Vito, and it REALLY creeped me out the way he slowly slid his hand down Finn's wrist, but I see that as pure intimidation while referencing what it is that Finn saw.

I think he also might be a little more sly than we are giving him credit for, in possibly trying to get Paulie taken out of the picture.


Re: 'Out of the woods'/Eli scene similarity....

Good point DarnGoodCoffee re. Vito perhaps setting Paulie up -not something I had considered myself but your post definetly adds credence to that possibility.

One thing on this point that did jump out at me was how Paulie always get screwed in these 'Split-job' scenarios.

For example, in Season 4, the whole situation he had with Ralphie and the sitdown with Sil and Tony where Paulie wanted the whole $50,000 brought down from a job.

Tony ruled in only allowing him $12k (24% and presumably he would still have to kick some of this up) so he lost out there.......then this time with Vito, he does all the heavy lifting, but Vito gets a '50%' cut...of a much cooler $1million!

This actually reminds me....does anyone think it is intresting how LARGE all the sums of money that are being thrown around this season?

Eugene is bequested a mammoth "$2million", and by an Aunt no less (as opposed to say a parent) and then Paulie/Vito score $1million on what is seemeingly an odd job.

Is this perhaps to fit in with Chase's pre-season claim that "greed and consumerism" will play an increasingloy bigger part in this final season?

DarnGoodCoffee, as you pointed out the point where Paulie mentions in the opening scene "God forbid if anything happened to me - who would look after my Ma?", followed by Vito's rather distant look, to me this just demonstrates that beyond the personal financial benefits they reap from 'their thing', none of them really give a $hit about each-other.

When Paulie was in prison a few seasons back, Tony tells him he will visit his Ma for him which seems to instantly cheer Paulie up no end, yet im sure it is safe for us to assume that Tony never did - such was of course was further displayed with the desolate look Carmela caught of Vito and Paulie after they begrudgingly gave her Tony's cut of their score, proving that all their previous gestures of support and caring were BS.

On a different level though, i think that Paulie's many reference to his "Ma" already this season is to bring Paulie's close relationship with Ma back to 'front of mind' for us the viewer, in set up to what is antcipated to be a big storyline for him and her in Episode4 - 'Fleshy part of the thigh' -

Paulie doesnt have a wife or kids and presumably his father is dead so where Vito exclaims 'God forbid anything were to happen to my Marie or the kids' and Paulie's only comeback is a similar gesture involving his Ma, hence displaying how important she is in his life - this is set to make this soon-to-come storyline ever the more the revelational to Paulie so I think 'Mayham', in part, serves to set up this scenario.

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Re: Episode Review (post all general comments here)

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What I love.....
What I love about Season 6 so far is the interaction between Tony's Mob Family and Tony's real family. They haven't interacted with each other in general since Season 1. I think this is the best season so far. What do you guys think?



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Re: What I love.....
I also like the interaction that we've seen so far. I am not a big fan of episode 2 however I see its worth and how it was necessary to the continuum. Epsidode 3 is one of my favorites of the entire series - right up there with the Pine Barrons and some of the other bests.


Re: Wizard of Oz

EdaMaria made some good points about this in the Dream Interpretation thread:

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>JTod's comment about i Tony searching for his soul and possibly eventually finding that his 'true self was there all along' immediately took me to, yes, wizard of oz. also a tale of finding one's way home, etc. i suspect most people are familar with the spiritual/personal journey aspects of the story so i won't belabor them here except to note that the episode ends with 'over the rainbow' (the second 'oz' song used in the series) and the idea of 'getting home' is repeated thruout (the doctor says 'we are still a long way from home' - steve b. says Tony Finnerty is being welcomed home , finnerty's wife asking why he isn't home yet, etc.)<hr></blockquote>


Re: Episode Review (post all general comments here)

What if Vito succeeds?
his thing has been built up kind of long considering how eugene got $2 mil., wanted to go to florida, became a rat and suicided within 1 episode.
anybody sees a chance tony gets killed or bails and vito comes through? he seems to have 1000 things running at the moment.
would suck though :P.

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