Did Tony regain consciousness at the famous 3 'o clock?

Apologies in advance guys for not being able to post accompanying/supporting screen-captures:

> We see Paulie enter the ICU with Meadow where he is left to talk with Tony, positive thoughts, although we all know what happened!The time on the wall clock when Paulie enters Tony's unit is clearly shown as being 14:25.

> Meadow goes to meet Finn in the hall while Paulie is shown blabbering on screen for a couple of minutes. We can however guestimate that, in the reasoning of Sopranos episodes demonstrating a compressed sense of real-time for obvious reasons, that Paulie was infact blabbering for quite some time. This is seemingly suggested also by how he is gradually working himself up into a angered frenzy...

> At the time of Tonys monitor going, to quote Paulie "Bull-$hit", Meadow rushes into the room, and we see a wall clock in the receptionist area displaying the time as 14:45. so indeed, Paulie was indeed bitching on for a good 20 minutes and this helps us to undertstand how real-time vs screen-time is being extrapolated for the benefit of this particular scene.

> The emergency team pounce on Tony and as at this point he was critical and we were privy to seeing him being shocked at least twice, so we can imagine that in total, he was probably worked on for between 5-10 minutes.

On Tony waking up, we see that Meadow and Carmela fill his view so by this time, the doctors had maintained some kind of pulse etc, as with Meadow and Carmela being so close to him and with no working doctors tendering to Tony, presumably they had completed settling him into a medically comfortable condition - say that took an additional 5 minutes considering it was a high alert situation....

That could well have taken us to the world-famous Mikey Palmice/"From Where To Eternity" - 3 o clock! Particularly as Paulie was a focus of both scenes?

Coincidence? Purposeful Chase instrumentation ? Over-Analysis?

My fellow Chase Lounge members - its over to your opinions! <img src=http://www.ezboard.com/images/emoticons/wink.gif ALT=";)">

P.S: On the issue of Mikey Palmice, sorry to hijack the thread a little here, but in his appearance in TEST DREAM, Tony turns to him in the back of Johnny's Cadillac, with a look of disgust, declaring something along the lines of "I know im dreaming douche-bag" to which Mikey, with an almost 'at-peace' facial expression answers "One way or another, i have no opinion".

This always grated on me as to what he exactly meant by this.

Was it almost as if he was saying:

"As I am a figmant of your subconscious imagination, anything that i may indeed say is either way maifested by your own subconscious" ??? I wonder if anyone had any particular interpretations of this point at the time?

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Re: Did Tony regain consciousness at the famous 3 'o clock?

Jesus died at 3 o'clock. So they say....wonder if it relates. Because that whole scene when "3 o'clock" came up was when Chris had his hell dream.

Found this about 3 o'clock in the biblical sense.
Three o'clock
Jesus died at 3.00 p.m.. [That is, 3 o'clock in the afternoon.]

This was the very time that the Jews killed the Passover Lamb in the temple. [The temple was the special building in Jerusalem where the Jews met to give honour to God. The Passover Lamb was a young sheep. The Jews killed the lamb to remember that God had rescued their people. They had been slaves in Egypt. But God freed them. And God saved them from death.]

This time is also important to us. Jesus is like our Passover Lamb, because he died for us.

Also, at the same moment, the curtain of the Temple tore. It tore from its top, down to the ground. This curtain protected the most important part of the Temple (Matthew 27:51). This shows us that we can now be close to God. God loves us like a father does. We can now be his children. Jesus made this possible. When Jesus died, he paid for our *sin.

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