A Question About Rank

I should know this after watching every episode more than once. Why would Vito hand off the Columbian job to Paulie? Aren't they both Captains? Why didn't Vito do the job with his own men and avoid the inevitable mess with Paulie over who gets what? And if someone could clarify, are Bobby and Christopher also Captains of equal rank to Vito and Paulie? And why is Sil in charge of all of them when Tony's down? Thanks to anyone who can clear it all up for me.


Re: A Question About Rank

Why would Vito hand it off to Paulie?
Who knows, maybe it was his turf.

Aren't they both captains?

Why wouldn't Vito do it?
Who knows, maybe it was Paulie's turf.

Bobby and Christopher are equal in rank as Vito and Paulie.

Sil is the second in charge, so that'd be natural.


Re: A Question About Rank

Just a thought.
According to Vito, the columbians weren't supposed to be there at that time of day, right?

You could think that he was setting up Paulie to go into the place when it was full of columbians and maybe not get so lucky as he did. Why Vito would want to Paulie to get shot, I don't know. To get unwanted competition out of the way perhaps.

Maybe Vito knew it was a high risk job, and he wanted Paulie to take that risk. That way he could get a taste of the money with no risk for himself if Paulie succeeded. And if Paulie got unlucky he would have him out of the way. In any case the outcome would be good for Vito.

We know that Vito is not a very trustworthy character. Maybe Paulie will find out somehow that Vito knowingly gave him wrong information, and that he knew that the place wouldn't be empty. Maybe there will be conflict between Paulie and Vito because of this.


Re: A Question About Rank

Thanks. I guess, if it was Paulie's turf, that would make sense. But if it WAS Paulie's turf and he did all the heavy work then Vito is hardly entitled to 50%. A finder's fee at most. Vito is such a sleaze. This show is so amazing in that it allows you to like some brutal killers much more than other brutal killers.

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