Re: Sloppy Robbery

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>guns are loud....police get called. <hr></blockquote>

And they mention that too - we made a lot of noise let's go.

F, that, close the door.

And, damn, it had to take some time to get the cash out. I didn't see a dishwasher sized suitcase with them. <img src= ALT=":(">


Re: Sloppy Robbery

Two cents....flashback to season 4 (I think?) opener when Chrissie shoots the cop who killed his get a mix of careful/sloppy there. He handles the gun/wallet carefully, but leaves the butts he's smoked all over the house.

The only thing I can think of re. Mayham was that Paulie figured the apartment folks would live like the folks in South Boston and a lot of neighborhoods do---whatever you see or hear, don't snitch.

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