Gab's support

She hasn't had much screentime, but I thought her support to Sil during his tenure as boss was very touching. She seemed real and genuine. That particular family is one of the few that hasn't appeared dysfunctional. I hope they give her more lines, and I hope they bring back their daughter Heather, where did she go anyways??


Re: Gab's support

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>but I thought her support to Sil during his tenure as boss was very touching.<hr></blockquote>


I took away something very different. Sure she was "supportive" of Silvio, in terms of encouraging him to become boss, but she ignored his stated desire to remain in the background, seemed relatively unconcerned with what he thought he needed for his own personal happiness, and ultimately only wanted to know about Sil's increased "compensation".

Silvio specifically told her he didn't want to be the boss, told her he preferred to be behind the scenes, and was obviously suffering from health problems as a result of being put in that situation. When Gab sees him using his inhaler, she says "is your asthma kicking up again" in a way that implied that it hadn't been a problem for a while.

I wasn't touched, I didn't see it as legitimate support for Sil, I saw it as Gab eyeing up Carm's spot as queen bee and liking what she saw. She would have trampled all over Sil's personal happiness and wishes not to take the thrown in order to get there.


Re: Gab's support

Yeah...Gab was definitely trying to get Sil to think about the future as the potential boss...laying groundwork so to speak...but, I didn't get the sense that she was sooooo pushy about it as to be an obnoxious opportunist.

Sil was fairly straightforward with her...."All I ever wanted out of this life was to carve myself out a little piece and grandchildren to enjoy" Then later he tells her "I never saw myself as that kind of guy. I'm more behind the scenes. Advice....strategy".

I think she understood that if it were offered he wouldn't "sneeze" at it, but she was not going to be able to get him to actively campaign for it or to make a play for it.

Still, even the attempt to plant a seed in his mind of the possibility does show that she is willing to toss her own friend Carmella under the bus if the chance to move up were to come along.

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