I watched season 5 today...the one where Ade gets whacked and Agent Harris was told to take it over to terrorism...regarding the whole thing with Matush. I think he was transfered back then.....


Re: Christopher and the arabs

Everyone makes good points here. I too was surprised by the fact that the Middle Eastern guys at the bar seemd to be on familiar terms with Chris and Tony. Up to this point maybe the Sopranos tolerated/did business with these guys because it was profitable to them. But now that Chris has had his chat with Agent Harris, he may look past the superficial aspect of that profitable crimial assocaition and revise his thinking on the matter.

DH...you may be right, perhaps there would not be an overt recruiting of the LCN boys to "partner" with the feds, but who is to say that Chris (and others) may not "take matters into their own hands"?



I am at a disadvantage here because I only saw the clip of Chris with agent Harris but I do not believe that the FBI guys would go to a known mob hang-outs only because the sandwiches are good. I agree that having lost so many rats, the feds are bound to try to get some new ones. If Chris started giving them tips on terrorists, it would be easy for them to start pressuring him to do more...Chase's writing has to reflect real world preoccupations and DHS and elevated alerts are now part of life in America.


Re: Counter-terrorism

There is an assumption that the arabs Tony and Chris are familiar with are involved with terrorism, but I don't think so. I think the poison Agent Harris is feeding Chris is going to cause him to make the same assumptions and over-react at the first sign that could be interpreted as terrorist involvement. I also see Chris' intervention as being a source of conflict as his own prejudices and FBI assisted delusions interfere with business.


it's all about christopher

keep in mind we don't know that achmed and muhammad are terrorists. at this point, we just know they're guys who hang out at a strip club. as for matush, it's unclear. we know he was sending money to a school, but nothing's been spelled out.

harris and goddard are laying inroads to get to christopher. it's been a plan since, at least, season 3 when they targeted ade.

watch goddard's face (harris' new partner) when harris talks to chris. harris has a pokerface but you can see goddard has intentions.

they're baiting him... making friendly. they're making a common enemy... let's unite to stop this threat. you give us information about this, we'll cut you some slack later. when in reality, they want something else from christopher.

it's the oldest trick in the book. create a problem or create a new enemy. make your old enemies your friends, and then control them. worked for the GOP. <img src=http://www.ezboard.com/images/emoticons/wink.gif ALT=";)">


Re: it's all about christopher

yea it might be something because i was also shocked to see those guys at the bar.....but then again it could be nothing like simple business....but the fact that the reporter from nj.com mentioned it in his article today i am starting to think something might be up....

Harris has come to Satriale's often, but now he brings up Matush and they have a discussion about Terror.....at this point nothing too shockin going on until we see the 2 guys at the bar and they know Chris well enough to talk with him and they apparently know Tony as well....


Re: it's all about christopher

My head tells me you are correct in that th FBI is setting Chris up to flip, but my heart tells me I want him to live to the 20th episode (and beyond?). His character is far too entertaining to lose early. With speculation centering on the demise of Vito and Phil, and possible Paulie or even AJ, let's hope enough blood is spilled to satisfy people's cravings and Chris lives to make us laugh another day!

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