Terrorism Tony

Ditto on Carmela telling Tony about getting hott down there. It made me hott hearing Carmela say it.

I also found it funny when Chris was speaking to agent Harris and he said, "Hey, I take this terrorism shit seriously. And Tony, don't get him started!" LOL Remember when Tony beat the hell out of that bouncer because he made some blissful comment about living for today while Tony was trying to talk about terrorism?!

Best. Show. On TV.


Re: Favorite Quotes from "Join the Club"

Ditto on the Rosalie Aprile comment. And you're dead on--she does OWN that role. I love Rosalie, wish we saw/heard more of her. And all of Paulie's lines were great. About Vito being a "fat fuckin' kiss ass" (or something along those lines) and "What the fuck! I told you guys yesterday, the curb line is the limit". Tony Sirico and Sharon Angela (Ro Aprile) have such great delivery...

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