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Maybe you guys might have a point about the show starting at the end....something has always bothered me about the fact that the very first line this season was spoken by FBI agent Ron Goddard: "No one ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public" as he was driving in the car with agent Harris.

It seems as though we have (purposely) come into the middle of his conversation with agent Harris; We weren't shown what prompted this trite observation by Goddard. I have been having a little tickle in the back of my brain that thinks maybe the rest of this season will come full circle to this very point in time and that finally we will be allowed to know the "lead-up" to this statement.

This little tickle in my brain is fed by another line in episode 1. When agents Harris and Goddard arrive at Satriales, Tony greets them by saying.."Oh Agent Harris, where have you been? I've had some other federale in my rear view for the past 6 months."

It could be just a throw-away line without significance. But it also could signify that the "lead-up" to Goddard's opening line will be the 6 month period preceding it. And, somwhere along the way, we would see Tony going outside in robe and slippers to pick-up the Star-Ledger off the driveway.

I think I am punchy!!!!
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Re: Episode Review (post all general comments here)

This could just be something that bugged NO ONE but me...But it bugged me on the very first viewing.

Meadow tells Tony, as he's lying there in his induced coma that "Law Firm" is being very understanding. Not "The law firm" or "My law firm where i'm working" and not "(Name of) Law Firm" and not her bosses at "Law Firm"
Just -
"Law Firm" as if that is the proper name.

There could be alot of things lost between my southern language and NJ language, granted, but it seemed to fit with the idea that people are speaking and behaving in a very odd way in both of the episodes thus far.

i'm not saying it matters, i'm just saying it's ONE thing that bugged me the first time i saw the episode and it's still confusing on Friday.


Here's to Sunday!!!
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Re: Episode Review (post all general comments here)

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>This is a good place to interject that I got a feeling the Omni clerk KNEW about his fraud -- that he wasn't really Finnerty. Tony was nervously fidgeting, his discomfort almost telegraphing the fraud. And the clerk stared intensely at him with a slight smile at the end.<hr></blockquote>
I noticed this too. Wasn't quite sure what it meant, but your theorizing sounds reasonable enough. God as an over-viewer in some sense.

And billymac - I took that opening of episode one as yet another of those Brechtian devices Chase uses from time to time - a way to talk to the audience (reminding us this is a show and not reality, while also making a bit of commentary within the show.) It falls along the same lines as what I consider the terrorist angle in Join the Club, the opening of the show in which Tony first meets Noah (the little part in which things back up) as well as the appearance of Bening and Heard in the Test Dream, though Bening's part certainly plays into Tony's dream as much as it speaks to the audience. Always playful is Chase. A reason I love his work.


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