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AJ is a real "wuss". Another re-watch and I noticed that when he's talking to Meadow in her bedroom he says something to the effect that she should be interested in Hybrid cars (Prius) and protecting the environment.

Yet, when he's talking to "Coma Tony" in the ICU he mentions something about a Shelby GT-500 with 450HP and that a friend of his has one on campus. AJ's a real jerk!


Re: Episode Review (post all general comments here)

Typical greenie-weenie hypocrite. <img src= ALT=":lol">

Remember the epi about Columbus, where AJ was reading Howard Zinn's propaganda scribe "A People's History of the United States," and talking about how Columbus used to murder and pillage. Meanwhile, the food on AJ's plate is the direct result of his old man's (whom he worships) own murdering and pillaging.

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Re: vito hired the docs

BobbieRookie and Moth......there is no ban on any comment as long as it relates to the thread (and except if it is a flame, a personal attack, or just plain mean spirited, etc...well you get the idea). However, please refrain from turning this forum into a full blown political discussion....there are plenty of boards for venting the spleen politically.

For the record.....I did not find BobbieRookie's statements outside the bounds of good taste since they were made in connection with a legitimate observation about AJ's shallow attempts to be environmentally concerned.

For the record.....Moth's response, while not offensive nor personal, took the discussion off of the show and purely into a political realm. The same is true of BobbieRookie's reply.

I think you can see the difference between the 2 types of posts. Thanks guys and keep posting about our wonderful shared passion!!!



Yeah, I get the difference. And I'm not saying bobbyrookie's statements were in bad taste in any way (although I would disagree that `typical greenie-weenie hypocrite' adds much to the conversation except for taking the opportunity to make a political statement on a nonpolitical subject). So I figured, hey, if one guy's allowed to snidely and irrelevantly wear politics on his sleeve, so am I.

But you're right, there are much better places to do that.

One thing I will say about the AJ / green car thing, because it seemed a little out of character, is that for many people, environmentalism seems to be a phase to go through in your college years, when the real world is nice and separated from your every day comforts, and you don't have to worry about money or working or anything but academic idealism. So it's interesting to me that on one hand, AJ has fallen for this - he does seem to have a predilection for `liberal' thinking like environmentalism and Zinn / civil rights etc... which seems totally out of left field considering the (presumably) conservative beliefs of the Family and his family (with the exception of Janice, obviously, and Meadow, probably).

So it would seem that AJ's liberalism - (which seems to be a little knee-jerk and not particularly well thought-out - he just kind of hits this note about getting a hybrid car as if it were that simple) - is maybe just another form of rebellion? And then we see that he really likes the Hummer (SUV? I don't remember). So I think it's safe to say that he's NOT a `greenie-weenie'... I think within a year, maybe two, as the stress of the world now that's he's failed at college presses down, he'll fall right back into the mode of thinking he grew up in.


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