Re: Meadow & Dr.

Hrurusch: I think the posters are saying that Tony's contingency plans ARE for Carmela's take care of her in case he were to die or go to jail.

It seems to me that you are reading the posts the wrong way.


Re: Meadow and doctor

OhTangled: On Meadow's questioning the doctor and her dislike being realistic. I totally agree with you - I've been in enough of those situations to know exactly what you are talking about. I didn't mean to imply that I viewed this as unrealistic.
I just felt like the doctor went beyond the average cold doc that most of us have encountered when dealing with the illness of a loved one (or at least we have the perception that they are uncaring/cold) this doctor seems extreme even in this context. both docs are completly hellbent on fact that Tony is doomed. It's interesting (and a blessing for Tony) that Meadow is questioning the doc at a time when Carmela seems to be kowtowing to him.

One thing about Meadow is that she has always had a fantastic BS detector . it goes without saying she's fiercely loyal/protective of her family. and she was depicted as the 'guardian angel' in the season six opening montage

you know, actually, Meadow is taking on Tony's role at this time by complementing Carmela (Carm is keeping the peace/being agreeable while Meadow is skeptical and questioning) It makes me think back to the scene when the school psychologist tells tony and carm that AJ has ADD and Tony says it's BS - Carm , after initially seeming accepting of the diagonosis, ends up agreeing with Tony and backing him up. They are a good team, we all know this -and now we see Meadow stepping up and in some ways filling T's shoes. Maybe I'm overdoing it here- but it's interesting to think about - everyone has questions about whether AJ will join the 'family' and follow Tony. Well, I don't think Meadow is on her way to being a boss or anything -but it's not because she's not fully capable of being smart/strong/shrewd enough to do it. But it won't happen b/c she's the more evolved version of Tony.
she's more in sync with her father than AJ ever will be.

AJ shares some key traits with Carmela (appreciation for luxry/material things/ good with money (the party he threw) Though we've also been reminded several times (including in last episode) that he has a lot of Livia in him also.

Ok, sorry for rambling. bottom line: the docs still freak me out.

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Re: we probably aren't looking at a very good outcome


I agree with your assessment that the doctor seemed unusally harsh. I know they don't give you false hope, but they are usually more ambiguous and more kind prepping the family for 'we could try x, but would prolong angony'...something like that. The one doc didn't even seem like a real doc (the one Meadow grilled). He jumped from sepsis as the problem to brain damage.

And, didn't Dr. Ba tell Carm that say he told two doctors about T's status. But then the one doctor never showed up in the morning (when his fever went up) AJ stayed overnight.

W/ the 7 souls analogy, Ba was treacherous. Wasn't the one for Meadow the saviour? Semms like something going on...


Re: Episode Review (post all general comments here)

I enjoyed episode two of season six so much it is one of my favorite episodes of the series. Another good dream sequence with more symbolism.

I did miss seeing Melphi,Carm,his crew, and the dead people he has loved or had to whack. But I have a feeling Melphi and Carm will be in another dream sequence over the next few weeks. I also think he will have a dream of his crew and the dead people of his past.

I loved the Carm scenes as well. It was nice to see her getting along with Meadow most of the time. I agree with Fly on Carm loving Tony. I thought her declaration of still loving him was heartfelt and true.

I also loved Carm giving a little flashback of her and him during one of their weekend trips to Point Pleasant Beach with Artie and Charmaine tagging along. Then all of them swimming and him saving Charmaine from the crab.Then that is when she talks about his hair.

I also loved how embraced his hair and shoulders while she was saying how he used to have a full head of hair that a woman could put her hands through. I also loved how she said, he used to make her hot down under.LOL!!! Of course I loved her saying he is hers and she isn't letting him go in so many words.

Below talks about my take on Carm's love for Tony which she expressed episode2 season six. How I think she is going to tell him she loves him after he wakes up. I also talked about upcoming clips from TCA to back up my theories and feelings.

IMO I think he will make her hot down under again. Going by the TCA clip of Tony and Carm in bed together after they just made love and he asks her if she had the big O.

I also think Carm is going to come clean again. With her love for Tony for the good in him and as well as the bad which was him being made into the mafia because of his dad. She says it in the TCA voiceover.

I also think Carm is going to be even more affectionate and tell him she loves him more after he wakes up from the coma. I think Tony is going to realize and welcome Carm's unconditional love for him like Fly said.

I also think he is going to wake up and he will show more love for Carm with real affection and declaring his love for her. From two clips at the Sac Wedding they are having fun together,laughing, smiling, slowdancing, and sitting close together. I could also see them sharing a few passionate kisses almost like they are falling in love again.JMO.

However, I do think he will have conflict with being a one woman man from now on. By the clip with Julianna flirting with her. I don't think he will sleep with her but will be tempted. I think he will finally use his impulse control. After that clip I think he is going to realize he only wants to love and have sex with Carm. In other words he wants a beautiful marriage like Fly says.


Re: Episode Review (post all general comments here)

I also want to add there is a love story between Tony and Carm then and now. They have alot of history together. They have been together alot of years and their is passion,romance,lust, and love still in their relationship. I don't think they will ever let each other go.

Lorraine Bracco even said she thinks their is a love story between Tony and Carm. She also thinks Chase does too. She said that on the View last week. I think Lorraine said that because she is also a fan of the show and Tony and Carm. She also did see the first four episodes so she has some proof of their love story.

I also think she was giving us a hint of that the love story will continue to the close of season six. I also think she would know of the love story being told because her character on the show is Tony's therapist and she is going to hear him talking about Carm alot more when he returns to therapy after waking up. I think he will say he in love Carm and their sex life more.IMO.


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