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was anyone besides me a bit startled at how grim the doctors were about Tony's prospects when talking to Carmela? I am fully aware that doctors are detached/cold in these situations but this seemed to go beyond. it was as if both doctors were very much trying to drive home the fact that Tony will die or be irreversibly damaged.

comment like: 'in the event he does survive;" '...he would have been dead 12 hours ago;' 'the obvious negative outcome; 'we probably aren't looking at a very good outcome'

it's as if the dr. grim reaper is working on tony - no matter how bad a shape i was in , i wouldn't want my doctor convinced i was a lost cause.

maybe meadow's medical internship will pay off. maybe she will notice the docs giving him the wrong medicine or something and save Tony (isn't she some kind of guardian angel figure, according to the 'seven souls' montage?)


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Eda, i was thinking the same.
One solution to this might be that Tony isnt in a so bad condition at all.
Let's face it, the bullet entered his body somewhere and he has this hell like looking hole that is shocking everyone at another spot, this and the following induced coma seems to be the standard procedure.
All the tough and hard stuff in the last episode are just his coma dreams because he is of course in a bad shape(but the docs know he will pull through if nothing spectactular happens) and his mind is playing tricks with him.
now if the docs know that he will survive and they know who he is, the mafia boss of new jersey, they might come to the idea that they might put some pressure on the bad family of the evil villain to neuter them.
I mean if you are a real doc and have a patient like this to take care of you at least wont be the most friendly to this slaughterer and his family, this guy takes lives and destroys bodies on a regular basis by the standard thinking...these guys dont have JFK on the table.they have the oath of hippocrates, but thats might be it already with their love for him.
Also, if you think of it, they probably have at least spoken to the FBI, maybe they are even FBI docs(if that is allowed).
at least the day time doc looks typically like the agents in the series, he also reminds me of the fbi 'miniboss' who is always getting presents from tony.
that being said could anybody tell me what meadow does ask him when they leave Tonys room?does she ask him where he did study?

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Re: we probably aren't looking at a very good outcome

k, i missed the part that he was requested by her.
so this behaviour might be of his general show if he is such a top dog.
or as the person above me stated if he was requested, tony might have told carmella to get this guy in the case anything ever happens and tony might have advised this guy to tell the public he'll die so nobody tries to finish the job.
the doc also mentions brain damage, probably an advice by tony to make sure the mob, which might fear he might cooperate with the fbi, wont get rid of him.

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Re: we probably aren't looking at a very good outcome

Meadow asks the doctor what antibiotic Tony is taking.

Meadow seemed to be having such a strong, insticntual dislike for the doctor. And the doctor was giving it right back to her. Very intense -even though it was just two 'blink and you miss it' moments.

that's true about carm requesting the doctor. I had forgotten about that. though this plan seems it would be bit complicated to orchestrate in an emergency situation (not to mention a major mind f*ck at a time when carmela really DOESN'T know if Tony will pull through)

Speaking of plans Tony may have made in event of this kind of a crisis, I wonder if we will soon see his lawyer giving Carmela an allowance and maybe going over certain aspects of Tony's business with her in the event he doesnt pull through? (in other words - where the $$$ is)


Re: we probably aren't looking at a very good outcome

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>Meadow seemed to be having such a strong, insticntual dislike for the doctor.<hr></blockquote>

That was actually one of the most realistic parts of the show, for me. i can't think of a single one of my Grandmother's surgeons or attending doctors that i've not questioned, snapped at, second guessed, yelled at and/or generally distrusted.

This doctor has the person's life you hold most dear (and i am *quite* sure in many ways Tony is the center of Meadow's universe) in their hands and no matter what they do or say, it's not enough. You're positive they aren't taking anything as seriously as YOU are because they don't love the person as you do and it somehow comes out in a paniced sort of shouting, doubting and lack of faith.

FOMW wrote some very in-depth, and in my opinion, very right on stuff about Meadow & Tony's relationship on the old board and thinking about that relationship being put in such jeopardy is enough reason, to me anyway, for Meadow to be acting precisely as she is. Summer interniship in an ICU aside.
Add that in and i'm shocked she didn't say MORE.


Meadow & Dr.

I think from Meadow's point of view, her dad's life hangs in the balance. The Doctor sees these kind of diagnoses daily, so he just "does his job" which may have seemed cold to Meadow, so Meadow got a little testy (rightfully so).


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