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<blockquote>Quote:<hr>I know there are the Godfather comparisons and all, with the son wanting to avenge his father but, my God, AJ is stupid. It'd likely turn out to be more like Jackie Jr. than Michael Corleone<hr></blockquote>

or Fredo!


Re: AJ?

I have to admit, I almost thought the June scene was part of the dream. No reason to suspect that other than a certain surreal feel to it. But even if real, it look to me like June is still fighting the dementia. He doesn't want to accept it.


Re: AJ?

the doctor who tells dream Tony that he has Alzheimer's looked a lot like AJ, IMHO. (and dream Tony yells after departing AJ-Doctor 'i'm lost!' - cut to Meadow explaining to Tony why AJ hasn't shown up yet) god this show is good.


Re: AJ joining family?

I seriously can't see AJ joining the family. I think that Sil and Paulie, and Chris too, wouldn't let him. People are probably going to refer to Jackie Jr., but this is different. Jackie Jr. was shit to begin with...


Explain to me how AJ is any different than Jackie Jr at this point in their lives,

Both are sons of the bosses
Both are college drop outs
Both got high
Both were lazy good for nothings

AJ just flunked out with a 1.4 GPA. Hell you get a 2.0 just by showing up. I say this plays in perfectly for AJ joining the other family.

Jr shot at the boss of the family. When Cris shot up tonys suburban he was almost whacked just becuase he pointed the gun at tony

"You got the balls to raise a gun to the boss of this family"

All rules are thrown out the window regarding Jr. Everyone would look the other way if AJ took out Unle Jr somehow. That would earn him his stripes/respect from the other family members.


Re: AJ with Junior

I mentioned on another thread that my hunch (for what it's worth) is that by having Finnity diagnosed with Alzheimers will set Tony up to give Jr. a free pass once he comes out of the coma.

I can see T having some real empathy for Jr.'s mental illness once he makes a connection between Finnity and Jr.

I think it plays well with Tony's conversation with AJ in 6-#1 about family as well.

Is it possible that Tony becomes a salesman again by trying to sell the crew on why Jr. should live ?

I can't believe the writers took the time to add Finnity's Alzheimers issue for nothing.


Re: AJ joining family?

Main Street
I agree with you, he is the spitting image of Tony in many ways.
BothAJ and Tont were fat kids.
Both AJ and Tony flunked out of college.
Both AJ and Tony had mothers that are overbearing at times.
Both AJ and Tony idolize their fathers in the life.

Remember the quote from Members Only. I am paraphrasing here
"Your Friends will let you down, it is family that you count on."

Tony has Chris and AJ he can count on, and in a sense, Bobby because of the connection with Janice.

In my opinion, Bobby is the sleeper for this season. He is loyal to Junior and loyal to the family as well.

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